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Affordable Assisted Living Charlotte Nc

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost In Charlotte

Plans moving forward to develop affordable apartment living space for Charlotte seniors

The cost of assisted living in Charlotte averages $3,803 per month, which is $110 or 3% more than the state median of $3,693. But when compared to other close metro areas such as Asheville, Greensboro, and Raleigh, it is relatively inexpensive. Raleigh has the most expensive cost at $5,750 followed closely by Greensboro at $4,883 and Asheville at $4,491. Other cities in the area average monthly costs between $4,215 and $3,150, while Fayetteville has the lowest monthly cost of $3,100.

Is There Low Cost Senior Housing In Charlotte

Charlotte is not the only city that is seeing an influx of its senior population. As a seniors medical needs rise and their capabilities diminish, seniors tend to move into more populated areas that have better supporting services and medical providers. But more populated areas also come packaged with a higher cost of living, including monthly rent payments. Fortunately, the US Government has developed a few subsidized living programs that cater to the needs of the elderly for Charlotte low income senior housing options.

Low cost senior housing properties are typically community-based apartments with reasonably-priced monthly rents made available for lower-income seniors. The main purpose of low cost senior housing is to allow the elderly to have enough money left to pay for other monthly expenses such as medication, grocery and other things like durable medical equipment.

Low cost senior housing is usually a result of a collaboration between the government and qualified housing providers. The rent seniors have to pay is usually determined by the resident’s monthly adjusted income. While the elderly resident will only pay a small, pre-determined portion of the actual rent, the government will pay the remainder of the rent to the housing provider so that they receive full market value for rent each month. This helps to incentivize developers of multifamily units to create low income living spaces for the elderly in and around Charlotte.

The Cost Of Senior Living And Care In Charlotte

In Charlotte, senior care tends to be $200-$300 more than the state average when comparing costs for assisted living and home care. According to the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey, Charlotte is a bit higher than other nearby cities in cost for adult day care, but also one of the lowest for nursing home care.

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The Crossings At Steele Creek

  • Resident Capacity:90
  • Room Types:Private Rooms, Shared Rooms
  • Care Provided:Assisted Living, Memory Care, Hospice, Respite, Skilled Nursing
  • Base Pricing:$2,800 for assisted living, $3,500 for memory care

The Crossings at Steele Creek is a senior living facility offering long-term assisted living, memory care, respite and hospice services through a holistic, person-centered approach. The staff encourages resident independence by giving them the freedom to wake and have meals at their preferred times. The compassionate dementia and Alzheimer’s care program emphasizes the connection with residents and their families through engaging social events and outings. Residents enjoy delicious meals in the restaurant-style dining room, a variety of daily life enrichment activities and access to the on-site salon for beauty and barber services.The Crossings at Steele Creek is a senior living facility offering long-term assisted living, memory care, respite and hospice services through a holistic, person-centered approach. The staff encourages resident independence by giving them the freedom to wake and have meals at their preferred times. The compassionate dementia and Alzheimer’s care program emphasizes the connection with residents and their families through engaging social events and outings. Residents enjoy delicious meals in the restaurant-style dining room, a variety of daily life enrichment activities and access to the on-site salon for beauty and barber services.

Other Financial Assistance Programs For Assisted Living

Affordable Housing: What To Do?


The PACE program offers care to frail Charlotte seniors, who must be 55 or older, need the same level of care as nursing facility services and meet other conditions listed in the PACE organizations agreement. PACE isnt a direct funding source to pay for senior care. Instead, it covers seniors medical needs and some assistance with the activities of daily living, which can help seniors save on assisted living costs since many of these services arent included in the basic monthly fees.

The program is available for both Medicare and Medicaid recipients and provides comprehensive medical and social services at home, adult day care centers and inpatient settings, such as assisted living facilities. For more information on the PACE program, call 234-1707.

Elderlife Bridge Loans

Elderlife helps Charlotte seniors transitioning to senior living, including assisted living. Bridge loans help cover the cost of long-term care until another funding source comes through. Loan approval is subject to creditworthiness, but seniors can have up to six cosigners to increase the likelihood of approval. Application approval is generally quick, but typically the lender will require a plan for permanent funding. To learn more about Elderlife bridge loans, call 228-4500.

Long-Term Care Insurance

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How The Low Income Housing Tax Credit Works For Seniors In Charlotte

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit or LIHTC is a tax credit program that gives non-profit and for-profit housing developers tax credits in exchange for allocating a portion of their development units for low income residents and for low income senior resident. The tax credits are an incentive for developers to build new housing or acquire and rehabilitate existing housing units to help give housing options to low income households.

The LIHTC program is the most federally funded housing program in the United States, representing approximately 90% of all low income housing units available in the US. Therefore, a senior resident who is looking for a Charlotte subsidized senior housing unit can probably find one under the LIHTC program.

However, program applicants should understand that a community that accepts LIHTC residents is not necessarily exclusive to seniors. The community owner has the choice of designating which units to set aside for seniors and which units to rent at full prices. Therefore, seniors that choose a LIHTC program should expect to live in a community with a mixed age group. It is important to carefully evaluate a unit to ensure that it is a safe option for a senior that may have physical challenges.

Medicaid Coverage Of Assisted Living Services In North Carolina

Assisted living facilities are generally less expensive and less medically intensive than nursing homes, but are not cheap by any means. Most North Carolina residents living in assisted living facilities pay their own costs. Generally speaking, Medicaid does not cover room and board fees in assisted living facilities. However, if you have little income and few assets, you may qualify for a program that helps pay for assisted living facilities.

If you receive SSI and live in an assisted living facility, you may qualify for a benefit called Special Assistance that will pay for room and board expenses, up to $1,182/month, at adult care homes . People with dementia who live in specialized care units can receive more money each month . You will also recive a $46 per month personal needs allowance.

If you don’t receive SSI, your income must be lower than $1,229 per month and you must have less than $2,000 in countable assets . Those seeking to live in special care units must have income less than $1,561 per month.

A separate program, called Special Assistance In-Home , provides a similar benefit for low-income people who could reside in an assisted living home but want to stay in their own homes. To apply for SA or SA/IH, contact your local county Department of Social Services office.

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How To Look For Senior Housing Options In Charlotte Nc

Looking for senior housing can really be a challenge, especially if you are on a tight budget. Cities, like Charlotte, with higher populations tend to quickly run out of housing units to offer because of the popularity of the services and amenities that are available in the area. Seniors that have more flexibility in location can search for living options available in other cities that are nearby. If a senior performs a search for Charlotte low income senior living near me on a search engine they can expand their search radius of the results presented to see a list of other options available outside of Charlotte city center.

Seniors that have limited incomes can also search for available options online through government websites such as Likewise, senior living search websites such as can help older adults find affordable housing options in and around the Charlotte area.

Seniors may also call a local Public Housing Authority for information on available housing options within the authority’s area of jurisdiction. Senior adults who live in an area with overlapping counties should call the housing authority of each county for information about low income senior housing within each specific county.

Charlotte Sees Boom In Development For Senior Living

Affordable housing for seniors in Charlotte awaiting approval

The Charlotte Post, Ashley Fahey, March 29, 2019

One of the largest generations today baby boomers have already entered or will soon enter the 65-plus age bracket.

Its projected that not only will the U.S. senior population rise dramatically over the next decade or so, but the number of seniors will eventually outnumber just about any other age group, putting increased pressure on housing, medical care and other needs tailored to that demographic.

Ten thousand folks a day are turning 65 in the next 18 to 19 years, said Suzanne Pugh, president and CEO of Aldersgate, a senior living community in east Charlotte. In less than 20 years, 20% to 25% of the population is going to be over 65, which has never happened before.

Today, the 65-plus population in Mecklenburg County comprises about 10% of all residents, according to county and U.S. Census data lower than North Carolina and the United States, both of which are about 15%. But the number of older adults here and elsewhere continues to rise quickly the senior population grew 3% annually here from 2000 to 2010, according to Mecklenburg County data.

Senior housing has also become a more attractive sector for commercial real estate investment, in direct response to changing demographics nationally.

Should rezoning be approved, the goal would be to begin construction by the fall of 2021 after pre-selling at least 70% of the units, Pugh said. Delivery is currently projected for the fall of 2023.

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Things To Do In Charlotte North Carolina

As the most populous city in North Carolina, there’s plenty to do in and around Charlotte. Activities include indoor and outdoor adventures that are fun for the whole family, including amusement parks, outdoor recreation areas, and museums. With so much to offer, tourists and local residents are sure to find something they will enjoy without looking far.

One of the city’s most recognizable points of interest is the Carowinds theme park. Spanning more than 400 acres, Carowinds is actually located on the state line of North and South Carolina. Although its address is technically in Charlotte, part of the park is located in Fort Mill, South Carolina. The park is home to a wide variety of thrill rides and roller coasters, including attractions that are great for guests of all ages. Open seasonally, Carowinds is a great place to enjoy a warm summer day in Charlotte.

Like racing? Then the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte is a must-see destination, honoring some of the Sport’s most famous drivers. the museum features cars, equipment, and photographs commemorating NASCAR’s greatest drivers, Crew Chief, and owner’s. Along with permanent exhibits, the Hall of Fame offers events so visitors can get an even closer inside look at NASCAR’s history.

Section 202 Senior Housing Eligibility

Applicants must be 62 years and older and must be classified as having a low income. However, income classifications are dependent on the AMI of each area. Some states define low income as having a total income less than 30 to 80 percent of the AMI.

In North Carolina, the definition of low income is when a household’s total income is below 30% of the AMI of the state. For example, based on the available data, the AMI for Charlotte, NC, is $62,817.00. Therefore, for seniors to be eligible for Section 202, the household’s total income must be less than $18,845.10 per year.

North Carolina also requires a household member to be either a US citizen or a naturalized alien resident. In addition, seniors applying should not have a criminal record. Any criminal activity are grounds for a resident to be evicted from their unit, and this includes Charlotte Low Income Apartments for Senior Citizens. Tenants that are found to be ineligible for Section 202 program can reapply after three years.

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Assisted Living Vs Other Types Of Care In Charlotte Nc

Assisted living is one of the least expensive options for senior care in Charlotte, the cheapest being adult day health care at $1,192, less than half the price. The highest-costing form of care for residents of Charlotte is a semiprivate room in a nursing home, which is over $3,000 more expensive per month than assisted living at $7,756. In-home care and home health care are closer but still cost $4,668 to $4,767 a month.

  • Assisted Living: $4,400
  • Adult Day Health Care: $1,192
  • Home Health Care: $4,767
  • Nursing Home : $7,756

Will I Be Better Off Living In A Community Vs In My Current House

Charlotte, NC Low Income Housing

If you are like most people, you are concerned about outliving your money and budgeting for future care needs. You are also anxious over the unexpected and unpredictable costs that come with owning a house all while trying to manage the care and services you need.

The Charlotte offers solutions to both of those problems. Most people find living here is $1,000 $3,000 per month less than bringing care into their current house . When you take into account the tax effects, thats like being paid $16,400 $50,000 per year to live at The Charlotte.

The Charlotte also offers a fixed cost. Each month you know what your monthly service fee will be and thats all you pay. There are no fluctuating or extra charges.

Why would you want to leave your house? The opportunity to live as independently as possible the rest of your life and live a better lifestyle thats the reason why. The Charlotte offers more freedom and services than youll ever receive in your current house and at an affordable price. Our community supports your lifestyle now and provides a safety net of care and services for the future, preserving your independence instead of taking it away.

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Everything You Love And Need

At Legacy Heights, we know what it takes to feel at-home. You need people who are always there for youones who know exactly how you like your coffee and are always up for a game of bingo. You need care that you can depend on. And you need the freedom to do what you love.

Luckily all of that and more is right outside of your door at our comfortable senior living community. Our team has been here for decades, friends are around every corner and we have senior living activities for just about every interest. Energize your day with an exercise class, join the Whiskey Club or simply let the sun warm your shoulders as you chat with friends. Its all right here, just for you. Welcome home.

Featured Senior Living Amenities

Assisted Living Services And Amenities In Charlotte North Carolina

In North Carolina, assisted living facilities are required to provide certain services and amenities in accordance with the state’s licensing provisions.

To receive an assisted living license in North Carolina, an adult care home must provide 24-hour staff supervision and monitoring for their residents. They must provide scheduled and unscheduled assistance with each resident’s personal needs, which include their activities of daily living. Typical daily activities staff assist with include eating, dressing, bathing, and maintaining personal hygiene – however, the specific activities a person gets assistance with depends on their individual needs.

Additionally, adult care homes in North Carolina must provide transportation services, social activities and events, and housekeeping. Whether a community provides Personal Care directly or through contracts with third-party providers is up to their discretion.

Adult care homes May provide nursing services on a case-by-case basis as approved by the Department of Health and Human Services. They may also provide certain nursing Services through licensed home care agencies, who provide them on site. If residents need nursing services, they have the right to obtain them through providers other than their chosen community as long as they cover the cost themselves.

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Start A New Life In Southminsters Senior Apartments In Charlotte Nc

Your retirement years should be a period for new opportunities, and its time to make the most of it. Southminster offers a redefined approach to retirement living so you can still lead an active and healthy lifestyle within our premises. We have cottages and senior apartments in Charlotte, NC that can be personalized based on your needs and preferences. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services!

Why Are Aging Adults Moving To Charlotte Nc

Charlotte churches donate land for affordable housing

There has been a steady increase in the need for Charlotte low income senior living apartments within the city and surrounding suburbs. This increase is not surprising since Charlotte, North Carolina, has been consistently included in Forbes’s best places for people over 55 to retire. Likewise, Charlotte is filled with facilities, magnet hospitals, and fitness centers that cater to the senior population.

On top of that, Charlotte is attracting an influx of seniors because the medical costs in Charlotte are 5% lower than the national average. As a result, Charlotte is a great city to live in for seniors because of more affordable medical costs and easy access to senior health care facilities.

For real estate developers, the influx of seniors moving into Charlotte means more housing needs to be to be made available. Many of these seniors do not have the ability to purchase a home and many that can purchase wont because of the upkeep involved. There are a great number of seniors that have retired and depend on a single fixed income so affordability is of great concern to them. Of course, since affordability is relative, what is affordable to one senior in terms of rent may not be affordable to another.

Seniors tend to have increasing medical expenses as they continue to grow old, which can cause a financial burden that must be considered when looking for affordable living options. This burden can seriously limit the amount that seniors can afford for rent payments.

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