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Assisted Living Facilities In Atlanta

What Is The Cost Of Assisted Living In Atlanta Ga

Atlanta assisted living facility director describes immense difficulty of last year

On average,assisted living cost in Atlanta is $4,000 per month. Total fees for assisted living include the level of care required, care setting, services, programs, meals, and accommodations. Not all assisted living communities are all-inclusive, and there may be out-of-pocket expenses to consider. Additional costs not covered under the monthly fee may include spending money, off-site trips, and personal care, such as haircuts and manicures.

Educating yourself about assisted living facilitiesincluding programs, costs, and how to pay for themis the first step toward understanding your options.

Overall Cost Of Living In Atlanta Ga

Compared to other cities in the state, Atlanta, GAâs overall cost of living is in line with its neighbors. Climbing just above Georgia locales Dallas and Dawsonville, Atlanta, GAâs cost of living index is 107.5, where the US national average is 100. This is due to exceptionally higher-than-average transportation costs paired with slight higher housing and utilities costs.

Medicaid Program In Atlanta

Medicaid provides free or low-cost healthcare to seniors residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Medicaid will provide assistance for long-term care and also covers the cost of living in a nursing facility and personal care assistance. Applicants should note that there are two Medicaid programs available to seniors in Atlanta with different criteria based on whether a senior is single, married and the lone applicant, or married and applying with their spouse.

Institutional/Nursing Home Medicaid is only provided to those seniors residing in nursing facilities. This is an entitlement program meaning that all qualifying recipients will receive benefits. To qualify for this benefit, single applicants must have an income of $2,313 per month and no more than $2,000. They must also be in need of a nursing home level of care as determined by a medical professional.

If a senior is married and both applicants are applying, they must have a combined income not exceeding $4626 per month, with each applicant earning no more than $2,313 per month, and assets of $3,000 or less. In the case of married applicants where only one spouse is applying, the applicant must have an income that doesnt exceed $2,313 per month and assets not exceeding $2,000 for the applicant, and $126,420 for the non-applicant spouse.

Applicants of either program must have proof of residency in Atlanta, along with proof of citizenship and be at least 65 years old.

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Assisted Living Admission Requirements

No assisted living facility can admit or retain residents who may require the use of restraints or isolation, or who require a level of care that is beyond that facilitys means of accommodation. Personal care homes and assisted living communities have differing capabilities where care is concerned.

Personal care homes can admit people who are capable of standing and walking on their own or with minimal assistance, and who can administer their own medications with minimal assistance. PCH residents cannot have active tuberculosis, and must be deemed capable of participating in lifestyle activities offered by the facility.

Assisted living communities can accommodate residents who have very limited mobility and who require the help of others to take their medicines. Prospective residents will be assessed by assisted living community administrators and nurses/physicians in the 30 days prior to admittance. If it is determined that an applicant for residency has active tuberculosis or requires round-the-clock nursing care, then residency cannot be offered. There are times when an emergency placement must be accommodated by referral from Adult Protective Services. In these cases, the physical examination for residency can be delayed by two weeks.

Whats Included In Assisted Living

The Best Assisted Living Facilities in Atlanta, GA

Most likely, you can expect the following services to be included with your room and board:

  • Private living quarters — this is typically the equivalent of a 1-bedroom or studio apartment, but it could range from a simple room to a multi-bedroom unit thats roughly the size of a small house.
  • Round-the-clock supervision and security. This includes on-site security and on-call nursing aid.
  • Emergency call systems located in each apartment for easy aid summoning if needed.
  • Essential utilities such as natural gas, water, and electricity.
  • Daily meals and snacks. These are typically served up in a central dining area in the style of a restaurant.
  • Housekeeping and laundry services. This typically includes a weekly linens change and a weekly cleaning.
  • Medication services — This usually includes reminders to take medication on time as well as reminders for prescription refills.
  • Wellness and fitness programs — This could include traditional elements like an on-site gym or a pool, or it could include more modern activities such as yoga.
  • Transportation and shopping assistance. These are usually provided as part of a regular routine-driven schedule.
  • Social activities. These could include movie nights, game nights, holiday parties, and field trips to area museums and point of interest like the World of Coca-Cola Museum or the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

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What Does Assisted Living Mean

Assisted living communities provide seniors options when they need minimal assistance for daily living and care. Activities of Daily Living available at an Atlanta assisted living community may include help with bathing, getting dressed, eating, grooming, brushing teeth, walking, and going to the bathroom. The purpose of assisted living facilities is to still allow adults to live independently in a safe community that is not a nursing home.

How To Pay For Memory Care In Atlanta Ga

Note: Memory care is typically provided in communities licensed as assisted living facilities, and in general, costs 20-30% more than standard assisted living services. No authoritative cost data is available for this type of care, so we estimated memory care rates by adding 25% to assisted living fees in the Genworth 2021 Cost of Care Survey.

Atlanta’s memory care costs average $4,806 per month, which is $387 more than Georgia’s state median and $800 less than the nation’s monthly costs.

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Atlanta Ga Assisted Living Activities

Residents need scheduled activities to stay strong and lively. A community should have a full schedule of events in the community as well as trips to local attractions. Pinochle, Theatre Room, and Live Entertainment are popular activities residents participate in. Seniors in Atlanta can visit shopping, parks, cafes, and other local attractions.

70% of people 64 or older will need long term care at some point in their lives according to Genworth Financial.

Financial information and statistics based on Genworth Financial and Senior Advice.


Assisted Living Scope Of Care

Assisted living facility to accept COVID-19 patients

The scope of care offered by Georgia assisted living facilities is divided into two categories, and facilities are designated accordingly. The two types of Georgia ALFs are assisted living communities and personal care homes . The key differences between the two facility types are in the amount of assistance they are legally permitted to provide where medication administration and emergency evacuation are concerned.

While personal care homes can provide limited assistance to residents in self-administering their medicines, Georgia assisted living communities employ certified medication aides and consulting pharmacists to offer medication administration to residents who cannot self-administer, or who choose not to. Evacuation procedures for the two facility types differ as well. A more limited amount of physical assistance can be provided by staff at a personal care home, so residents of PCHs must be capable of a certain measure of personal mobility and must be able to understand and remember evacuation directions. Assisted living communities may provide bodily transference for less capable residents in order to get them to safety in emergencies.

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Other Financial Assistance Programs For Assisted Living

Optional State Supplementation

Low-income seniors in Atlanta may be eligible to receive money from the states Optional State Supplementation program. OSS provides additional funds to Supplemental Security Income recipients who live in assisted living facilities. Seniors can use this money to help pay for room and board. For single seniors, the maximum monthly OSS payment is $20, while couples can receive up to $40.

To qualify for OSS funding, seniors must be eligible for SSI. They must also live in a Medicaid facility. To learn more about OSS funding, seniors can call 772-1213 to speak to a Social Security Administration representative.

Veterans Affairs Aid and Attendance Program

Seniors who receive a basic VA pension and need help paying for assisted living care may be eligible for the VA Aid and Attendance program. This program provides additional monthly payments to eligible seniors. To qualify, seniors must need assistance from another person to eat, bathe, get dressed or perform other daily personal functions. Seniors may also be eligible if they are legally blind, bedridden or living in a nursing home.

To learn more about this benefit, seniors can call the Atlanta Regional Benefit Office at 827-1000. Seniors can visit this office, located at 1700 Clairmont Road in Decatur, Georgia, to apply for benefits in person. Alternately, seniors can apply by submitting a written request to the Pension Management Center:

Philadelphia VA Regional Office

Senior Living In Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta, which is the capital of Georgia, is known for its important role in the Civil War as well as the Civil Rights Movement of 1960s. Atlanta History Center chronicles the past of this city, and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site is dedicated to the life and times of the African-American leader. According to the latest U.S. census, Atlanta has a total population of more than 420,000. 10% of the total population of Atlanta comprises of seniors. 38% of those seniors live alone. Georgia ranks 42nd for Long Term Care and ranks 39th in America’s Health Rankings compared to other states. A total of 6,436 working seniors live in Atlanta. Veterans make up for 19% of the total senior population. 30% of seniors living in Atlanta, GA received food stamps last year.

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The Perks Of Assisted Living In Atlanta

Maintaining independence is a big deal for many seniors. As one of the best places for seniors living in the United States, the care providers make sure that the assisted living facilities in Atlanta are geared toward helping individuals maintain independence and privacy by providing private senior apartments or bedrooms.

While at-home care can be an excellent option, it can also be quite expensive and many seniors enjoy the social life benefits and amenities that come with living in a senior living community.

Assisted Living In Georgia

The Best Assisted Living Facilities in Atlanta, GA

At the Assisted Living Research Institute, we have gathered research on more than 20,000 assisted living facilities across the United States. For the state of Georgia, we have data on nearly 680 facilities. Our findings indicate that the average cost for assisted living in the Peach State is cheaper by a substantial margin $900 a month.

Georgia is more than just the home of one of the southeasts largest and busiest city centers. This state boasts mountainous national parks, miles of clean, rural coastline, and historical elements of antebellum charm not often seen in the South. Combine all of that with Georgias many tax advantages for people over 60, and its clear that this state is a beautiful and affordable option for retirees.

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Atlanta Weather And Climate

The year-round climate in Atlanta is moderate while still having all four seasons. Summers in Atlanta tend to be hot and humid, and the fall gets comfortably cool. However, winter has an occasional snowstorm, and spring warms up as flowers bloom throughout the area. The annual temperature averages 61 degrees Fahrenheit, with the coolest month being January and the hottest month being July.

What Seniors Can Expect As Covid Vaccines Rollout

Seniors in group living settings, such as assisted living communities, nursing homes and long-term care facilities, will be among the first Americans vaccinated, following recommendations by the CDC. CVS and Walgreens are also administering the COVID vaccine on site at these facilities making it easy and convenient for them. Older adults living at home may need to wait a while longer. If youve been holding off on making an appropriate move into a senior living community, youll want to factor in the vaccine roll out strategy into your decision-making process. Your local Assisted Living Locator Senior Advisor knows the status of vaccine rollout in each local community in their area. To find the advisor in your area, enter a zip code, or the city/state information on our home page and connect with an advisor now.

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Find The Best Assisted Living Near Atlanta Ga

We understand that finding the right assisted living community in Atlanta, GA for your loved one can be a challenge. To help you get started, we put together this guide to provide a quick overview of the city. There are also local care advisors available to help. Their familiarity with Atlanta allows them to offer a personalized approach and answer all your questions about assisted living properties in the area.

What Can You Expect

Metro Atlanta assisted living sparks fear with letter

While each assisted living community operates in a different manner, they all possess the same endgame of wanting to provide the best possible care for their golden age residents. Youll find these facilities within the various districts of the city, from its upscale Buckhead neighborhood to its historic Midtown section. The “flavor” of each of these communities is somewhat driven by the neighborhoods they are in, and they could dictate what special a la carte services are offered, ranging from activities provided to the type of food that is available.

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About Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living provides housing and assistance with activities of daily life for seniors and disabled people. These facilities or communities offer services like meals, laundry and cleaning, help with bathing and other personal care needs, and facilitation of activities for residents. An assisted living community looks and feels more like home than a clinical nursing home setting. Residents have their own space and can decorate it with their own belongings to maintain the comforts of home. Assisted living may offer some limited nursing care and other health-related services such as mobility assistance, but such a facility does not emphasize skilled nursing or medical care for residents. Assisted living is not ideal for seniors with severe or chronic illness, who should be in a nursing home. However, assisted living can provide a safer living situation for seniors than independent living at home. The residences are generally well-fitted with mobility and safety equipment, call buttons for medical attention, and have on-call staff. Assisted living allows seniors to maintain some level of independence as they age, and gives them the help they need to carry on with daily life if they dont require 24-hour care. These facilities typically require private payment and do not usually accept medicare or Medicaid.

Memory Care In Atlanta Vs Nearby Cities

Brunswick, along Georgia’s Atlantic coast, offers memory care at a monthly average of $6,625, which is $1,819 more than Atlanta’s $4,806. Data for Rome, in the state’s northwestern corner, reveals a median of $5,366 for monthly memory care costs. On the lower end of the spectrum, Warner Robins, 111 miles southeast of Atlanta, features an average cost of $3,438. Similarly, Macon, also in the state’s southeast quadrant, has a monthly median of $3,575.

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Never Ending Relaxation Opportunities

In Atlanta, your loved ones can access some of the best senior apartments and amazing extracurricular community activities.

Although many individuals who live in senior housing communities may not be able to venture out on their own, facilities often schedule group outings for their residents. Additionally, visiting family members may want to enjoy time with their loved ones by taking day trips.

Here are some of the multiple nature trails and beautiful parks that can be explored throughout the city:

  • Atlanta Botanical Garden
  • Sweetwater Creek State Park
  • The Historic Fourth Ward Park

Besides its natural scenic beauty, the city also offers a lot of other attractions for seniors who are interested in exploring city life, such as:

  • The World of Coca Cola
  • The Georgia Aquarium
  • Atlanta Farmers Market

Alto Senior Living Of Buckhead

The Best Assisted Living Facilities in Atlanta, GA

Alto Senior Living of Buckhead is a relatively new assisted living and memory care community just north of Atlanta. It’s conveniently located on a major thoroughfare, with many nearby shops and a bus stop for visitors who no longer drive. The facility is well-designed for the purpose, with open spaces for easy navigation and large windows that make common areas more inviting and pleasant. On-site services and amenities include physical therapy and a sensory room, theater and craft spaces.

  • Spacious theater and entertainment rooms

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Assisted Living Laws And Regulations In Georgia

Georgias Division of Healthcare Facility Regulation is responsible for licensing and regulating assisted living facilities in the state. Facilities must meet certain quality and logistical standards to maintain their licensure. The following are some of the most important ALF regulations for Georgia seniors to be aware of.

Other Ways To Pay For Memory Care In Atlanta Ga

Since not everyone can afford to pay for memory care out-of-pocket, it’s important to find alternative methods to help make memory care more affordable. Some of these options include:

  • Veterans Benefits
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Reverse Mortgage

For more information about your options for making assisted living more affordable, visit our guide to Memory Care in Atlanta.

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Assisted Living Facilities In Atlanta

  • 479 East Paces Ferry Road Northeast

    479 East Paces Ferry Road Northeast

    Suite A


  • 658 Lindbergh Drive Northeast


  • 372 Legacy Drive Southwest


  • 7400 Peachtree Dunwoody Road


  • 5455 Glenridge Drive


  • 1260 Hightower Trail


  • 2001 Clearview Avenue


  • 8592 Roswell Road


  • 335 Hammond Drive


  • 4375 Beech Haven Trail Southeast

    4375 Beech Haven Trail Southeast


  • 300 Johnson Ferry Road


  • 4355 Georgetown Square


  • 1262 Hightower Trail


  • 5399 Northland Drive


  • 1240 Ashford Center Parkway


  • 2848 Lenox Road Northeast


  • 2401 Cumberland Parkway Southeast


  • 4804 Roswell Road


  • 1000 Lenox Park Boulevard Northeast

    1000 Lenox Park Boulevard Northeast


  • Office


  • 3755 Peachtree Road Northeast


  • 8480 Roswell Road


  • 1001 Research Center Atlanta Drive Southwest

    1001 Research Center Atlanta Drive Southwest


  • 3711 Benjamin E Mays Drive Southwest

    3711 Benjamin E Mays Drive Southwest


  • 690 Mount Vernon Highway Northeast

    690 Mount Vernon Highway Northeast


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