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Assisted Living For Senior Couples

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Couple Reenacts proposal for loved on in assisted living

You may feel moving away from the only home you have known is a scary transition. However, at Weatherly Inn, we have a compassionate and caring team who will walk you through each step and make your transition as smooth as possible. To find out more about our assisted living community and all the amenities we offer, contact us today.

Consider Shared And Individual Needs

While looking for the ideal assisted living home, one of the most important things to think about is both the individual as well as shared needs of the future residents. Obviously, different couples will have varying relationship needs.

If one parent is more mobile, sociable and healthier, it would help a great deal if the retirement community has appealing leisure activities that will fulfill the needs of both partners. Ask yourself whether it will be okay for one partner to leave the other and do something else that perhaps he/she is not in a position to complete.

While doing your homework on the topic, ensure you have conversations with management or staff of the facility about the care and amenities they provide. It is the only way to be sure that everyone enjoys a satisfying quality of life in their new assisted living community. Also, remember to listen carefully to what the couple wants and needs before making any placement decisions.

Questions About Amenities And Accommodations

Is there enough space in the assisted living apartments for couples? Is the outdoor space open enough for residents to enjoy fun moments together? Do you feel confined if you were stuck indoors for many months during the winter seasons? What types of amenities and accommodations does the assisted living community have specifically for couples? Is there a fitness center or a beauty salon? What are the hours that excursions and recreational activities are hosted, and what do they include? Are couples encouraged to participate in certain activities that will contribute to building their relationship?

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Considerations For Planning To Move Into Assisted Living

Some assisted living communities floor plans only allow for one person per room. However, there are many communities that accommodate couples that feature larger bedrooms with a shared bed, or suites that allow for multiple roommates. Before deciding on a community, ensure that they allow couples to live in the same apartment or room if preferred.

Besides rooming situations, youll also want to check out what amenities the community will offer. If your parents want a break from cooking, are there dining services available? What are the options? Most importantly, youll also want to know what care they will receive, such as what medical, nursing and rehabilitation services are provided.

Depending on your parents or the couples preferences, think about their current and future needs to see if theyll be happy staying in the community.

How Will An Assisted Living Facility Be Different From My Current Home

4 Tips on Moving to Assisted Living for Couples

Assisted living can provide senior couples many things that they may not have at home. It allows them to keep their independence, to be able to cook and eat meals, and to take part in daily activities that may help them feel more settled. It is very important for seniors who are moving into an assisted living facility to get as much information about the living arrangements as possible. That way, you can make sure that your needs will be met while still having a positive experience at the senior living facility.

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Its Your Parents Decision

You can do a lot of the legwork to research assisted living communities that accommodate couples, but its critical that your parents are leading the decision-making process, Todd says.

Often, good-intentioned adult children can overstep and take away that decision process for their parents, who are capable of giving their input, assessing their choices, and picking an environment that they want to be in, she says.

Independent Living For Couples

Independent living communities are residential communities designed for seniors who can live on their own without much assistance. In addition to organizing social and educational events for residents, these communities typically offer group dining options, help with housekeeping duties, and assistance with activities of daily living and personal care, but these services are not automatically provided. These senior communities a great fit for those who do not have major medical needs and still want to live independently, but would like to simplify their daily tasks and have some extra help available when needed.

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Have You Done Your Homework As A Couple

Despite your desire to find the ideal assisted living facility that fits into your budget, lifestyle preferences, and care needs, it is possible to make mistakes in your assisted living search without proper planning and thorough research. This is why you need to start the senior care planning process early enough so you can have all the time in the world to decide, un-decide, and modify your preferences, before you actually need to transition as a couple into an assisted living facility.

Couples with different needs have a lot of options prior to relocating to an assisted living community. For those who do not really need assisted living, a retirement community near them may be a better choice. By now, you must have learned what it means to seek care in an assisted living facility as a couple with different health challenges and needs. If you find it difficult to search for the best care home for couples near you, you should talk to a senior care specialist who will be happy to help in this regard. Consider using the various guides on Senior Living Help to make one of the most important decisions of your life as a couple. We are one of the top senior living and care resources, encouraging you to consider important senior care decisions, so that you may take your time to plan, research, decide and act accordingly.

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Scenario No : Senior Couples May Want To Stay Close But Not Live Together

Nine senior couples renew their vows before Valentine’s Day

As a child of an aging couple, you may assume that a shared living arrangement is the best situation for your parents. But not every good relationship works the same way.

Overall, couples living together is a wonderful way to provide safety, security, and care, says Henston. Family members who help provide care and advice should listen carefully to what the couple needs and want before making any placement decisions, though.

When one partner requires extra care, the healthier spouse often takes on the role of an elderly caregiver by default. That burden can cause significant isolation and physical decline. Caregiver burnout is tremendously detrimental, so sometimes it will lead to a happier marriage in the long run for elderly parents to live separately.

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Consider The Social And Health Needs Of The Elderly Couple

Each elderly adult within a couple has different social, physical, and senior care needs. If one member is more independent and healthier, it will help to enhance the quality of living for the couples, especially if the assisted living facility offers recreational activities that are emotionally-fulfilling for the couple. Before you choose a facility to move into with your spouse, ensure these criteria are met. The couples relationship needs must not be neglected just of a relocation to a different home. The relationship needs are essential to the happiness and bond you share with your spouse. Aside from these factors, individual needs must be met too. Therefore, ensure you research about the kind of amenities and care provided to ensure it matches with your needs as an elderly couple. That way, you will be prepared for a better quality of life with your spouse instead of nursing the fear of the unknown future at an assisted living facility.

Finding the perfect assisted living facility for couples near you can be hard, especially when you do not know where to start. However, you can seek help from a senior living advisor or any other expert that will help you make the right plans for a better future as an elderly couple.

Finding Senior Living For Elderly Couples

The percentage of seniors who are married has grown over the past 50 years, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Remarriage, increased life expectancy, and a shrinking age gap between women and men mean more families are looking for senior living that supports both parents needs.

Couples want companionship, and people are living longer, so they need adequate space and unique health care arrangements for spouses with different care needs, says Dr. Melissa Henston, a geriatric psychologist in Colorado.

Senior living options for couples vary based on care needs and community design. Here are six common scenarios aging couples face, along with possible solutions to help them grow old together.

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How To Plan For Future Needs

Its impossible to know what the future holds for someones medical condition, but it is best to prepare for the worst and set aside money in case of medical emergency. If the time comes when one spouse needs significantly more medical care than the senior living facility can provide, then its time to start looking around. In continuing care retirement communities residents get the full spectrum of elder care services in one location. For example, if Bill and Barb start living in CCRC and Bills condition worsens, he can move to the memory care unit while Barb continues to live in the assisted living area. The distance that a couple has to walk to see one another in a continuing care retirement community is generally not so bad and can be as short as an elevator ride or a quick walk across the yard.

Life Plan Community Care Options

Healthy Living to 100

Life Plan Communities offer multiple choices when it comes to health care services. Each living option is located on the same campus and is available to residents if the need ever arises. Life Plan Communities offer independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and memory support.

Independent living, sometimes called residential living, is for adults who live independently at home without any additional assistance. Independent living is ideal for the active adult who is seeking fewer household responsibilities and a vibrant social environment. At a Life Plan Community, it means access to wellness amenities, social opportunities and more.

Assisted living features easy access to wellness and social opportunities as well as help with activities of daily living from friendly caregivers. These caregivers offer personalized assistance and are available around the clock.

Skilled nursing offers on-site therapy services and complex condition management while still providing personalized touches that make residents feel right at home. Both short-term rehabilitation and long-term care are available at skilled nursing communities.

Finally, memory support features a homelike and person-centered environment created to emphasize abilities. These specialized neighborhoods are designed especially for those living with a diagnosis of Alzheimers disease or another type of dementia.

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What Is The Availability Of Care Staff

Each of you may have different care needs. In most assisted living communities, there is a limit to staff time and availability to meet everyones needs. Why is this important to ask? Because you may have to budget for additional private home care on top of the care that assisted living staff provides. These costs can add a significant amount to your monthly pricing. Budget for this possibility so there arent any surprises later.

Functional Assessment Of Independent Living For Couples

A functional assessment evaluates ones ability to carry out necessary daily functions , as well as instrumental activities of daily living . ADLs are basic daily tasks like bathing and dressing. IADLs are things that are less essential, but still important for independent living, such as handling finances, grocery shopping, and driving or arranging ones own transportation.

Functional assessments are often used to determine which level of residential care or memory care community is the right fit for seniors. For example, someone who needs regular assistance with ADLs would be better suited for an assisted living facility, while someone who can carry out all of their ADLs and most IADLs but would like occasional assistance is a good fit for an independent living community. The assessments may also be used to diagnose cognitive conditions such as Alzheimers or to develop a care plan for in-home care.

Most people visit their primary care physician or an occupational therapist when in need of an official functional assessment. If you would like to conduct a functional assessment for a loved one for your personal knowledge, there are many online resources available with assessment questions and information regarding how to evaluate an at-home assessment.

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Searching For Assisted Living In Hamilton

Families beginning the search for assisted living are well-advised to begin considering options the earlier the better. It’s important to know when, for sure, you should be actively seeking assisted living senior care. In essence, you will need to start looking when your loved one is not taking care of personal matters. You can take up personal caregiving or hire , but in many cases there comes a time when you need to move forward into an environment that will provide the safety and care that you need .

Here are some things to look for and be concerned about:

How Do I Decide Which Assisted Living Residence Is Best For Me

Surprise reunion for couple living in different assisted living facilities

It is advisable that you tour prospective residences. Tours need to be scheduled in advance with the assisted living residence staff.

Here are some things you should consider:

  • Your geographic location
  • What your personal needs are
  • Language spoken at the residence and
  • What activities the assisted living residence can provide.

Many residences have an information brochure or package that provides an overview of their philosophy, services and will answer many of your questions.

Ask for the service agreement or similar documentation. A service agreement will clarify what services are provided, what services are not available and any extra charges that may apply. Many assisted living residences also have their own websites.

To learn more about assisted living residences in your region, visit the assisted living pages on your health authority website:

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How Do You Pay For Couples Senior Living

For the most part, couples must pay out of pocket for senior living. There are some long-term insurances that will pay for assisted living and some retirement benefits may also cover the cost or a portion thereof for senior living.

There is a wide range of senior living options and those options change based on the level of care that is needed. The more care is needed the more assistance that is available and the less care that is needed the more expensive the cost of senior care becomes.

One of the keys to realizing all of the options available to seniors is not to wait to start planning the financial piece until you are a senior. Insurance is less expensive the younger you are and there are more roadblocks the older you are. Life as a senior couple can be both rich and highly rewarding.

  • Laura SandersCare Advisor Hi, Im a senior care specialist trained to match you with the best assisted living options for your loved one.
  • Well search for available assisted living in your area and even schedule tours for you!
  • Our service is 100% free – there are no hidden costs.

Great! Im glad you want to take advantage of this free service. I just need some details before we chat.

What Questions Should Couples Ask An Assisted Living Facility Before They Move In

Asking questions is a great way to assess whether an assisted living facility is right for the two of you. As you prepare, prioritize between the features and amenities that are most important to the two of you. You dont want to find out after you have already moved in that your spouse is unhappy due to needs that arent met.

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Why Should Senior Couples Consider Moving Into An Assisted Living Community

What is assisted living? Assisted living represents an innovative concept of retirement, with each senior living community offering seniors room and board, as well as access to healthcare and services. All assisted living home residents benefit from a wide range of amenities, which target both physical and mental health. Seniors become part of a community that encourages an independent lifestyle, with minimal assistance provided by the staff. Whether they are married or single, ALF residents enjoy the plenty of opportunities for socialization and interaction.

Why should a senior couple consider moving into an assisted living facility? Well, once you reach a certain age, you might realize that it has become difficult for you and your spouse to handle everyday chores. As you are no longer young, taking care of your property can transform into a burden. By moving into an assisted living facility, you will no longer have to worry about chores and housekeeping, as such tasks are handled by the staff. In addition, you can keep living with your spouse, exactly as before.

Perks & Benefits For Couples Staying In Assisted Living

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility: 50 Essential ...

There are very many perks that couples enjoy when they move to assisted living facilities. Some of these include:

  • Better quality of life. Among the primary perks of husband and wife staying together in a retirement community is that they get to enjoy a better quality of life. The couple also gets to share a bond when they retire in the same place. They get a chance to continue their relationship in a lovely environment with less stress and the care they require.
  • Access to Community and Events. Life for a couple can become quite boring when they stay alone in their house. Living with other senior couples and older adults in one location makes it easier to make friends and have a fun and fulfilling social life. Activity directors who work in assisted living communities also make sure that couples do not have dull moments by organizing activities and events they love to be part of. These include overnight and day trips, exercise clubs, games, happy hour, bingo and other entertainment options.
  • Access to Care. Professionals at assisted living centers are always available to help senior citizens when they are in need. They respond faster to emergencies, which is something that can help save a life. Older adults can also access other things that improve their health including onsite services like doctorâs appointments, meal planning, nursing help and auxiliary services like physical and speech therapy.

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