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Assisted Living San Jose Ca

Veterans Assisted Living In San Jose

San Jose Senior Assisted Living Community Reports COVID-19 Outbreak

Assisted living facilities are an ideal option for seniors that are looking to receive a measure of aid in order to go about their day to day living. The scope of this particular service is pretty wide, as it can stretch from preparing daily meals and helping them take medication to driving them around to handle various errands during the day. It should also be noted that these special services are not just reserved for those that need help completing various activities for daily living. Indeed, assisted living is a terrific option for those that want a break from having to handle home maintenance and would prefer to spend more time on enjoying the leisurely life of a retiree.

What Makes San Jose Special

In a way, San Jose benefits greatly from San Francisco being less an hour away. It has more people living in its city, but it still does not have the kind of cosmopolitan feel that the Bay Area has. As such, the area has a quiet vibe running thought it despite the fact that its status as a tech powerhouse makes it a global force to be reckoned with. This makes the city a nice choice for seniors that are looking for an assisted living facility in a relatively relaxed area.

It is not necessarily a cheap place to live – San Jose is considered one of the more affluent areas in the state for relatively obvious reasons. Still, seniors that can afford living here upon retirement can be treated to a sprawling community complete with plenty of historic and cultural landmarks.

We Know You’re Going To Love It Here

It’s all about choice. Choose from 95 studio, one, and two bedroom private apartments and enjoy concierge services, scheduled transportation, and weekly housekeeping.

Our program keeps up with your schedule with fresh, restaurant style meals served from 7am to 7pm, seven days a week.

You’ll live a full and happy life built around your delights and hobbies.

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What To Consider About Assisted Living In San Jose

San Jose was the first civilized settlement in what was then known as Nueva California in 1770. Seniors living in San Jose can explore its rich history and choose from 71 assisted living facilities. In California, Assisted Living Facilities are called Residential Care Facilities and refer to voluntary communal housing which provides some level of supervision and care with at least 75 percent of residents over age 60. The licensing and regulation of RCFs are governed state-wide by The Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division.

Medicaid Program In San Jose

Senior Living Community in San Jose, CA

Medicaid is a joint federal-state entitlement program that provides free or low-cost health insurance for seniors, the disabled and low-income citizens under the umbrella of a state healthcare system. In California, the Medicaid program is known as Medi-Cal, and it is available to all who qualify under the Federal Benefits Guidelines with no enrollment caps or waiting periods.

Several medical and non-medical services are covered by Medi-Cal. Inpatient care at residential care facilities, such as skilled nursing homes and memory care facilities, are covered by the program as medical necessities. For seniors in San Jose who wish to remain at home, the state offers help from the In-Home Support Services program. This program pays some or all of the cost of an in-home health worker and possibly a private caregiver who can help out in the home where the senior lives.

IHSS benefits are generally paid out as a cash grant to seniors, who may use the stipend to hire the caregiver of their choice, which may include friends, family or other trusted parties. Seniors can receive IHSS benefits in their own homes or while living with relatives or friends. IHSS benefits are not available to seniors in San Jose assisted living or residential care facility.

  • Citizens, legal residents or U.S. nationals
  • Age 65 and over
  • Legally considered disabled
  • Low-income earners
  • CalFresh
  • Foster Care or Adoption Assistance Program
  • Supplemental Security Income benefits
  • Refugee Assistance Program

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San Jose City Weather

With one of the best temperature locations in all of the U.S, San Jose has a climate that is well suited for Seniors. Temperatures average a cool 60.5 degrees in the winter and a nice 80.5 degrees in the summer . Weather in San Jose is ideal, so residents can get their exercise and take walks outside without worrying about snow or rain. With minimal rainfall, you cant ask for better weather.

The Best Assisted Living Facilities In San Jose Ca

Seniors who value independence yet need help with activities of daily living may benefit from an assisted living facility. In addition to personal care, these communities provide activities and life-enriching amenities. According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, the monthly cost of assisted living in San Jose is $6,000.

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How Much Does Nursing Home Costs In San Jose

Skilled nursing care in San Jose costs an average of $9,125 a month. The only surveyed city in California that reports a higher average cost is San Francisco, where a semi-private room in a nursing care facility costs $9,148 a month. Sacramento and San Diego are the next most expensive cities for residential nursing care, with both reporting average costs of $8,517 a month. Followed closely by Chico, where the cost of a semi-private room runs to an average of $8,456 a month.

There are several less expensive cities in California than San Jose. Chico and Stockton are not far behind the average cost of care, at $8,456 and $8,173, respectively. Los Angeles and Bakersfield are outliers toward the low end of nursing care costs, at $7,604 and $7,513 a month, respectively.

Assisted Living Near San Jose Ca

Regency of Evergreen Valley Senior Living – San Jose, CA

San Jose is a city whose large populace was built on the tech boom. As the unofficial crown jewel of the Silicon Valley, it has become the prototype for 21st century living. It is also a terrific place to retire, and seniors that are in need can find a plethora of assisted living facilities within its city limits.

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The Reason Why Assisted Living Facilities Work

The main reason why assisted living facilities are a great option for seniors is that they allow for a great sense of freedom and independence to occur. While each assisted living facility in San Jose does feature medical professionals who can jump in at a moment’s notice and help a senior that is in medical need, they are not there to survey seniors around the clock. Instead, they give the residents of the facilities plenty of breathing room to live their lives on their own terms.

With that said, they don’t necessarily stand idly by in perpetuity. Each assisted living facility in San Jose deploys various activities all throughout the day in order to encourage residents to get out and be more social. This in turn makes it easier for seniors to make new friends, form new bonds, and forge new relationships. It also does wonders to help them fight boredom and loneliness – two emotions that may otherwise feel a bit overwhelming at times.

And the city has plenty of activities for seniors to talk about – or better yet, visit. The city is home to the legendary Winchester House, the sprawling structure that features all kinds of weird architectural curiosities. San Jose is also home to nearly 16,000 square acres of park, so there’s plenty of places where seniors can go to step outside and enjoy the rays of sunshine. And hockey fans will note that the city is home to the popular San Jose Sharks of the National Hockey League.

San Jose Senior Centers

Senior centers in San Jose are open to residents aged 50 and older. They offer a range of programs and activities that include classes, daily meals, occasional free access to health checks and social activities.

403 Cypress Avenue San Jose, California 95117 244- 1353

136 West Alma Avenue San Jose, California 95110 275-1315

588 North 4th Street San Jose, California 95112(408-294-2505

2150 Alum Rock Avenue San Jose, California 95116 251-0215

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Carlton Senior Living San Jose

  • Resident Capacity:183
  • Room Types:Studios, 1-Bedroom Apartments, 2-Bedroom Apartments
  • Care Provided:Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care
  • Base Pricing:$7,595 for Memory Care, $4,595 for Assisted Living, $4,595 for Independent Living

Carlton Senior Living San Jose is located in a quiet neighborhood of San Jose, close to parks, shops and restaurants. There are also some on-site amenities including walking trails and a beauty salon. The team of professional staff focuses on person-centered care and has designed programs to promote imagination and choice. Activity programs include poetry circle, fitness programs and candlelight dinners. Residents can also take advantage of off-site excursions to museums, wineries and shops. The culinary staff prepares fresh and nutritious meals that residents can enjoy in the full-service dining room. The community is pet friendly and residents are welcome to bring their furry friends with them.

Family members appreciate the kind staff and scenic gardens, with one saying, “The staff was great. The facility was absolutely beautiful. They have a garden where they have tomatoes and vegetables growing and it’s all done by the residents. They had a really nice theater with a big screen and big chairs, and it was very comfortable. It’s like going to the best movie theater in town.”

  • Reviews:4.3 out of 5 stars 34 reviews
  • Phone: 972-1400

Belmont Village Senior Living Sunnyvale

Carlton Senior Living San Jose
  • Resident Capacity:150
  • Room Types:Studios, 1-Bedroom Apartments, Companion Suites
  • Care Provided:Assisted Living, Memory Care, Respite
  • Base Pricing:$8,928 for Memory Care, $5,319 for Assisted Living

As a Mission-style community, Belmont Village Sunnyvale provides research-based memory care and assisted living programming in the heart of Silicon Valley. The Circle of Friends program is ideal for those with mild cognitive impairments, such as those in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, and licensed nurses are on-site around the clock. the community offers medication management options as well as speech, physical and occupational therapy for those who need it. In particular, the community provides a whole brain fitness lifestyle, focusing on activities that support memory. Housekeeping and laundry are taken care of, and the community provides transportation services so seniors can get to appointments easily.

Belmont Village is frequently praised for the high standard of care it offers. One family member, whose husband is a resident, says, “The help, caretakers, and administration are all very helpful. He is very low functioning, but I feel he is well cared for. I’ve been very happy with Belmont, so that is why he stayed there for five years.”

  • Reviews:4.2 out of 5 stars 50 reviews
  • Phone: 785-6994
  • Room Types:1-Bedroom Apartments, 2-Bedroom Apartments, Companion Suites
  • Care Provided:Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care
  • Base Pricing:Not Available

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Merrill Gardens At Willow Glen

  • Resident Capacity:95
  • Room Types:Studios, 1-Bedroom Apartments, 2-Bedroom Apartments
  • Care Provided:Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care
  • Base Pricing:Not Available

Merrill Gardens is a family-owned senior living community located conveniently close to local hospitals, museums and parks. It accommodates a variety of lifestyle choices, with care plans customized according to individual care needs. Garden House, the communitys dedicated memory care neighborhood, is designed to create an intimate, welcoming environment for those living with Alzheimers and other forms of dementia. The landscaped grounds feature secure courtyards where seniors can take safe, relaxing strolls. Through the Personal Pathways program, the team focuses on every detail of residents’ life stories and incorporates their favorite hobbies in the communitys daily programming. Families are encouraged to join loved ones in events and recreational activities.

Reviewers describe the place as a pleasant residential facility and observe that residents easily make friends within the community. Relatives praise the professional, friendly staff, and one writes, “The residents are well cared for, the place is immaculately clean, staff smile and take that extra to spend time with the residents and listen. Activities and entertainment are scheduled daily.

  • Reviews:4.05 out of 5 stars 131 reviews
  • Phone: 457-7315
  • Reviews:4.11 out of 5 stars 48 reviews
  • Phone: 872-8418

Other Financial Assistance Programs In San Jose

California Paid Family Leave pays expenses for up to six weeks to family members who have to take time off from work to care for a senior relative who needs assistance. Family leave benefits are disbursed through the state Employment Development Department and generally require medical documentation of need. This can be a positive option for some San Jose seniors going through a transition in care, and who need help and supervision at home. Benefits are in the form of a cash grant that may be spent in any way the recipient wishes. Registration can be completed online.

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What’s The Difference Between Assisted Living Vs Other Senior Care Types

You can differentiate assisted living and other types of senior care by its placement on the continuum of care. In fact, assisted living sits in the middle of this spectrum between independent living and skilled nursing facilities, which are often referred to as nursing homes.

  • Independent living communities are most appropriate for seniors who are able to handle their own personal care, meals and medications. Typically, these communities bring together like-minded seniors looking for social interaction and a range of amenities.

  • Skilled nursing facilities are designed to care for residents who have significant medical needs and require 24/7 care. Most residents in these communities are physically inactive.

  • If your loved one has recently been ill or had surgery and requires assistance with personal care on a temporary basis only, short-term care facilities are available.

  • Seniors with terminal or chronic conditions may be best suited for hospice care, where trained professionals provide care and comfort.

Is Assisted Living Costs Covered By Medicaid Or Medicare

Brookdale Senior Living, Inc. reaches $3.25 million settlement with CA over alleged illegal practice

Medicaid can be used to cover the costs of care and programs received in an assisted living facility but it will not take care of the costs of housing. With room and board expenses in the thousands of dollars on a monthly basis, states have invented packages and waivers to help off-set the costs of housing in assisted living communities.

Medicare insurance is designed to cover temporary medical care expenses for retired adults. Assisted living expenses tend to be long run and ongoing care that is going to fall outside of Medicare coverage. Medicare handles prescription medication or prescribed stays in a hospital or care facility that has a set length of time. Medicare can help with short-term or initial costs at an assisted living facility if the relocation is prescribed because of a health problem.

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Local Safety In San Jose

With safety as a top concern for anyone caring for their loved one, San Jose is a fairly safe city for Assisted Living compared to other big cities across America. The city has a B rating and is 30.4% safer than all of the cities across the U.S., making San Jose a good place for any Senior to live and receive care.

Are Assisted Living Facilities Licensed In California

Just before opening an assisted living community in California the care provider must move through a senior care licensing procedure. Personnel will provide an in-person trip to the facility and a licensure exam must be passed so authorities can make sure care providers are familiar with guidelines that must be met and maintained. All listings on our website are of licensed care providers.

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How Memory Care Facilities Can Help

According to the Alzheimers Association, 83% of all caregivers are unpaid family members, relatives, or other friends, and nearly half of all care is for older adults with some form of dementia. Caregiving, especially when it involves Alzheimers or dementia, is extremely exhausting and time-consuming, leading many caregivers to feel isolated and overwhelmed.

As a loved one continues to progress through the stages of dementia and his or her cognitive abilities continue to decline, behavioral problems, safety, and general care often become more than one caregiver can handle. This is when its important to find extra help, and residential facilities that have specialized memory care programs are often the best solution.

In addition to providing a safe environment, memory care programs seek to delay or halt cognitive decline while providing the opportunity for a social, independent lifestyle.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost In San Jose

San Jose, CA Senior Living

Assisted living in San Jose costs an average of $5,500 a month. This is among the highest costs in the state of California, tied with San Francisco. Los Angeles and San Diego are likewise tied for second place in the state, at $4,500 a month for assisted living in both cities. Sacramento, the state capital, is not far behind, at an average monthly cost of $4,473 for assisted living.

Several California cities are significantly less expensive than San Joses cost of assisted living. Stockton, for instance, averages $3,500 a month for this level of care. Chico splits the middle, at an average cost of $4,000 a month. Bakersfield has the lowest cost of all surveyed California cities, at just $3,150 a month for assisted living.

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San Jose Ca Assisted Living & Board And Care Homes

San Jose, California and Silicon Valley are inseparable, and you could get to thinking this is a big city that is all about work. Youd be wrong, and for active seniors that love a bit of high energy activity, mixed with a chance to sit back and relax, this is a great city to settle into. For example, the entire downtown area, with many shops, restaurants and attractions, is easily walkable and vibrant. Then head out of the downtown area and youll find parks and trails that are just as much fun and pleasantly laid back. This city hosts more than 160 board and care facilities and assisted seniors living residences, in various sizes and styles, so there is an abundance of choice for senior living in San Jose, California.

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