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Assisted Living Short Term Stay

What Is Respite Care

Respite Care | Morning Pointe Senior Living and Memory Care of Brentwood

Respite care offers temporary relief to a nonprofessional caregiver often a family member, spouse or close friend. It provides the senior with a comfortable, well-appointed place to live and professional short-term care. Its a smart solution to the inevitable moments when a caregiver has other responsibilities to attend to or needs a much-deserved break.

Even a person who enjoys caring for their loved one sometimes has personal, familial or professional commitments that interrupt their ability to provide that care. Respite care offers temporary relief for the family caregiver while ensuring the senior receives everything they need in a safe, social environment.

Providing Solutions For Your Needs

  • Giving primary caregivers a break Families turn to us during vacations, business travel, when they winter in Florida and cant be close by, or when caregivers simply need a rest. Just a short break from the everyday stresses of caregiving can make a world of difference, helping the caregiver recharge and return with renewed energy. Learn more about the importance of de-stressing!
  • Transitioning after a hospitalization or rehab stay Often reimbursement constraints dictate when seniors are discharged even when families and professionals feel they would benefit from further assistance and a secure environment with 24-hour awake staff. Seniors with increased disorientation and confusion as a result of a hospital stay, and those with memory loss, need even more support before returning home.
  • Testing the experience of a new home Some individuals simply want to determine if a Senior Living Residences community is the right fit for them before making a commitment to moving. They like the no strings attached option of trying out this new senior living option.

If you need a two-day break or your loved one needs a two-month recovery a short-term or trial stay could be your solution.

What Are The Benefits Of Respite/short

For caregivers, respite care stays can be an opportunity to refresh and renew. For older adults, respite and other short-term stays offer a change of pace from their usual routines in a warm and caring environment. Especially with assisted living, both caregivers and older adults also enjoy peace of mind knowing a team of experienced caregivers is always close at hand. Short-term stays are also a perfect opportunity to try out a community when considering a move.

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Your Loved One Will Receive The Care They Need

Whether your family member enters short-term care after a hospital stay or because their caregiver needs a short reprieve from their duties, they will receive the same comprehensive care offered to residents. Your loved ones care plan will be customized to their individual needs, and caregivers have the peace of mind that their loved ones will be given excellent care.

Transitioning After A Rehab Or Hospital Stay

Take a Break with a Respite Care Short Term Stay

Reimbursement constraints often dictate when seniors are discharged from a hospital stay, even if home isnt the safest option. A short-term Assisted Living stay, where a senior is surrounded by social opportunities, engaging programs and 24-hour awake care staff, can help bridge the gap and reduce the likelihood of re-hospitalization.

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Short Term Living Homes

Growing old is a characteristic feature of all living creatures but man stands out distinctly from others in thinking about it. If you are looking for an old age housing community where you can live with peace and integrity, The Golden Estate is your best place to be at. TGE offers fully furnished living units with attached pantry and balcony, along with sumptuous buffet meals prepared by in-house chef and housekeeping staff to take care of all daily chores. You are also open to a highly advanced security system throughout the facility and round the clock medical assistance. If you have ever dreamed of a short and sweet stay at a fair pay, come and indulge in the best experience with The Golden Estate.

The Golden Estate is a concept that believes in providing luxury lifestyle solutions to those people who are retired and not getting that standard lifestyle for which they are looking from years. But at The Golden Estate you will experience all ultra-modern amenities that involves Flat screen TV with DTH connection, Telephone line and internet, Built-in-Cupboard and many more. One more benefit which you will get at The Golden State is that, you can customize your room according to your preference and likings. Those senior citizens who are not suffering from any serious health hazard and above 55 years can enjoy these facilities. Begin a new journey of your life by making new friends and cherish every moment of your life at âThe Golden Estateâ.

The Golden Estate Video

Providing A Respite For Caregivers

Families turn to us to give primary caregivers a break from daily caregiving duties or to secure older family members a safe place to live while family members are on vacation. Staying at Goddard House for a few weeks while household construction projects are being done or as a supportive stay is needed are also situations in which a short-term stay can be a good solution. Furniture, linens, cable television and phone services are all included.

Care for caregivers is so important and often overlooked, especially if you are caring for a loved one. With a respite stay at Goddard House, your loved one can experience all the benefits of residency without a long-term commitment, while you experience peace of mind! Just a short break from the everyday stresses of caregiving can make a world of difference. Learn more about the importance of taking a break »

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A Look At Four Types Of Guest Stays

Short term guest stays listed above include two types of guests, really: seniors considering a move, as well as stays by friends and family of people living in the retirement community. In some cases above, the suite may not be available for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it is already booked. Sometimes the community will need the suite to accommodate a new member, even. Many communities, though, set aside one or more suites just for this purpose.

Guest stay suites are rented out much like a hotel room or airbnb, with per-night or per-week rates reasonably comparable to what you would pay for either of those two similar services.

When you stay as a guest you see firsthand what life is like in the community. Step outside the door and find friendly faces. Meals may be included as part of the price, so you experience life in the dining room. No matter who you are, you get a flavour of life inside the retirement home.

For seniors uncertain of moving out of their beloved family home with its memories and its convenient familiarity, a guest stay gives them a window into life there. Many are duly surprised by the unique vibrancy of life, great conversations, the dining service, the beauty of the physical environment and the happy community created. Take a look at stories and anecdotes from both seniors and retirement communities in our fuller look at .

The availability of care

The Benefits Of Short

New facility to be set up at IMH to help those who need short-term crisis intervention

Many seniors benefit from moving to a retirement community full-time, but few are aware of short-term or trial stays, which are the ideal option for older adults and families who wish to stay in a retirement residence for a short period of time. These stays can accommodate a range of visitors and seniors in the community, as they both offer a location at which seniors can rest and get a glimpse into life at a retirement residence.

What is a short-term or trial stay? A short-term or trial stay allows individuals to temporarily reside in a retirement residence for a short amount of time, whether that be for weeks or months. There are several different options to ponder when considering this type of respite, explained Mary Minielli, Sales Consultant for Chartwell Valley Vista. Seniors who have recently undergone surgery or are recovering from a hospital visit may benefit from a short-term stay, during which staff from the retirement community help provide assistance to older adults as they recover from an ailment. Trial stays are also suitable for older adults and families who wish to learn more about retirement living and how seniors engage with these environments, including living arrangements, dining options and activities.

They come for a respite stay and feel like theyre at home, Minielli said.

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The Benefits Of Trial Short Term Assisted Living Visits

Short term stays in an assisted living facility offer a wide range of benefits depending on the needs of the senior. Many seniors assume that all assisted living homes are cold institutions that offer small hallways, crowded double rooms, and tasteless food. In actuality, assisted living is more like a luxury getaway, or at the very least on par with a private apartment. Many communities offer gourmet dining arrangements, guided social activities, exercise programs, therapy sessions and much more. Assisted living facilities more resemble active retirement homes and less like nursing homes which can make all the difference in a senior’s choice to transition or age in place. Although living arrangements have changed, old ideas can be hard to break. Short term trial stays in an assisted living environment are a great way for seniors to see and experience the difference before making a final decision.

Caregiver Relief: Temporary Assisted Living

If your loved one is living with you or youd like them to feel more comfortable with your absence during a vacation or business trip, consider treating them to a short stay at a Symphony property. A short-term respite care stay can provide caregivers with relief and peace of mind in knowing that their loved one is being professionally cared for by our trained staff in a safe, secure and homelike environment. Theyll enjoy companionship, invigorating activities, beautiful amenities and be well nourished with three nutritious meals a day and unlimited snacks and refreshments.

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How To Find A Short

Sometimes caregivers and families dont know where to turn when they need short-term assistance in caring for a loved one. Finding the right community is essential. Families should search for a community that will not only provide safe, competent care but offers visiting residents personalized attention and opportunities for engagement while they stay. As with finding any senior housing, there are questions you should ask while you tour the property.

Family Caregivers Can Take A Much

Respite Stays  Learn More About the Benefits  Harbor Heights

Primary caregivers often have an overwhelming number of responsibilities and concerns. While most people are happy to provide the care their loved one needs, its often difficult to maintain balance in their lives. Its vital that caregivers have rest, leisure, and the opportunity to tend to other facets of their life.

A short-term respite from caregiving can provide them the opportunity to take a trip, attend a work conference, celebrate milestones with other family members and friends or any number of other activities that are important to them. One major benefit of respite care is that it can prevent caregiver burnout.

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Short Term Stay At The Mews

If youre caring for a loved one and need some time to care for yourself, if you are an independent senior who needs extra care while you recover from a hospital stay or illness, or if like many you want to simply try out living here The Mews invites you to consider our facility for short term stay. The senior enjoys all of the benefits of assisted living without needing to make a long-term commitment.

The Benefits Of Assisted Living Trials

These trial programs allow seniors to see for themselves that the stereotypical institutional settings of the past with shared bathrooms, narrow hallways and small double rooms have given way to apartment-style living, gourmet food, on-site spas and more activities and amenities than most people have access to at home. Todays assisted living communities are more like active retirement neighborhoods and less likes old folks homes. While the image has changed, seniors are still reluctant. Thats what makes temporary-stay options so beneficial. Its a wonderful opportunity to see if its a good fit, Hartmayer says.

The option is also an excellent compromise for families who are trying to seek outside help and support with caregiving. Adult children often recognize their loved ones growing needs and encourage a move to senior living before it becomes too disruptive. However, aging parents are notoriously stubborn when it comes to staying put in their homes. A one- or two-month stay in an assisted living community is the perfect middle ground for both parties, and it can be a valuable learning experience that helps everyone involved make an informed decision about long-term care.

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Your Loved One Gets To Experience The Dynamic Lifestyle Of Senior Living

Whether your loved one is receiving respite care services or short-term rehabilitation therapies, theyll get a taste of the many advantages of senior living.

Charter Senior Living communities offer residents a full and active lifestyle with an emphasis on well-being. Your family member will have the opportunity to engage in social and recreational activities, socialize with other residents, and enjoy restaurant-style dining.

In some cases, respite care could serve as a trial run to see whether senior living is a good fit for your loved one. In fact, it happens frequently that a respite guest decides to make their stay permanent. It can also be a wonderful way to break up their routine and offer them a new and exciting experience.

Benchmark’s Response Was Swift Impactful And Well

Welcome Home to Trinity Senior Living Communities

We were one of the first senior living providers to begin limiting, restricting and screening visitors and associates in our communities. With policies guided by leading experts, we are maintaining strict infection control procedures, are closely screening and testing associates and residents when needed. We have mandated the COVID-19 vaccine for all of our associates company-wide. We are thrilled to have 96% of our residents vaccinated. All while delivering frequent, transparent communication, which has continued to earn us high praise from our residents and their families.

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When Should We Consider A Short Term Assisted Living Stay

Seniors who have spent time in the hospital and are going to be discharged may not feel ready to be at home alone. Seniors that are not in need of rehabilitation, but may need a helping hand can benefit from a short-term stay in an assisted living facility.

Families that live too far to help care for a senior during a medical emergency are good candidates. Those whose family or caregivers work schedule prevents them from providing dedicated care are also good candidates for a short-term stay at an assisted living home.

Seniors who are not sure if they are able to live at home alone and those who would like to try living in a community can benefit from a short term respite stay.

Senior Medicare recipients that are unable to get approval for rehabilitation therapy but will not be safe on their own following surgery are perfect candidates for short term stays in an assisted living community as well. Instead of being placed in a nursing home, the family can secure a short-term spot in a community where Medicare can cover supportive services following treatment.

Why Choose The Mews For Respite Care

At The Mews, we are proud to be able to provide our residents with round-the-clock care in an atmosphere more similar to a hotel than an assisted living facility. Flexibility is the hallmark of our service. Residents live as independently as they like while still having access to the care they may need. Our residents enjoy three delicious and nutritious meals every day without ever having to cook, and housekeeping services are provided every week. Emergency health care is available 24/7. Our nurse is on duty from 8:00 to 4:30, and we have a doctor on retainer. We also offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, dental, and hearing services on site. In addition to all of this, our residents for respite care can also take advantage of the many fantastic amenities our long-term residents enjoy. Health permitting, they are welcome to join exercise classes, educational programs and lectures, entertainment like movies and bingo, and more. Whether theyre checking out a book from our extensive library or getting dolled up at the on-site beauty salon/barber shop, respite care residents are sure to find plenty of reasons to enjoy their stay!

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Respite Care And Services

We begin each stay with a detailed evaluation to create an individualized care plan. Our care includes nursing observation, assistance with activities of daily living , medication management, scheduled transportation and much more.

We offer flexible dining options, providing healthy menus created with oversight from a registered dietician, and serving three meals and day and snacks in our community dining rooms.

We provide a range of engaging activities that bring together residents and staff and contribute to our lively, stimulating atmosphere. We are committed to creating an environment where all residents can thrive.

We define respite care as a stay of less than 30 days after that, prevailing rates and a move-in fee will apply. Care and service levels may vary by Enlivant community.

Short Term Assisted Living For Seniors During Their Recovery


Seniors are also able to reside in an assisted living facility during their recovery period. This is best for older people who are generally independent but need extra help while they heal. This type of stay can be for seniors who are being discharged from a rehab center, those recovering from surgery or those who just need extra help while they recover from an injury.

Many seniors live far away from family members, which can make it difficult to get the help they need while staying at home. In some cases, hiring a home care aide will not cover their full range of needs during their recovery. Home care aides typically work a set number of hours during the day, and very few stay overnight. When a senior chooses to stay in an assisted living home as a short-term resident, they will get the help they need 24 hours a day.

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