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Assisted Living That Accepts Mainecare

How Soon Could We Move In

Assisted living facility to accept COVID-19 patients

The admission process is quite simple. Once you complete an application, submit a history and physical report from your primary care physician, and participate in an informal admission meeting, we are able to determine your eligibility. If there is a suitable apartment available, you could move in that day!

Senior & Elderly Rights For Assisted Living Residences In Maine

When you become a resident of an assisted living community, you do not give up the rights afforded to you as a citizen or resident or the United States. The resident also retains the right to personal possessions, autonomy over personal finances, bodily autonomy, and power of attorney. The resident has a right to be informed of the process to file a complaint of unsatisfactory living situations, abuse, neglect and the like. The complete list of resident rights as guaranteed by the state of Maine can be viewed online.

Residential Or Assisted Housing Facilities

Residential or Assisted Housing services include any facility or residence licensed by the Maine Division of Licensing and Certification that provides necessary assistance such as personal care, meals, medication management, lodging, and supervision.

The State of Maine requires an assessment to determine an individuals functional and financial eligibility for Residential Care Services.

Assessments help individuals and families understand what services are available to them and to plan for service needs.

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Assisted Living Medicaid Policy

MaineCare, Maines Medicaid program, reimburses residents for personal care services at any type of facility that offers assisted housing. The program also reimburses for nursing services in facilities that accommodate nursing care. For a limited number of MaineCare recipients who wish to remain in assisted living as an alternative to a nursing home, Medicaid 1915 waivers are available.

In facilities designated as residential care or private non-medical, room and board costs are limited for the Medicaid-eligible. Recipients will be charged only the payment amount that would be given in Supplemental Security Income plus an additional amount described as an optional state supplement. In 2018, the SSI payment amount is $750 per month, and the optional state supplement is between $8 and $234, to be determined based on personal need.

The Cost Of Memory Care In Maine

Portland Center for Assisted Living

Because of the specialized staff training and resources required to provide high-quality memory care, memory care typically costs more than other types of residential care. On average, memory care will cost 20-30% more than assisted living.

In Maine, the average cost of assisted living is $5,169 per month, which is over $1,100 higher than the national monthly median of $4,051. Costs in the neighboring states of Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire range from $5,339 to $7,021, while the average rate in Rhode Island is relatively comparable, at $5,199 per month. Using an anticipated 25% increase in cost for memory care, residents of Maine who need this type of care can expect to pay an average of $6,461 per month.

The cost of assisted living care in Maine can vary considerably when location and facility choice are factored in. The average cost is $6,600 per month in Portland, the states largest metropolitan area. In nearby Lewiston, the monthly average drops to $5,385. Further northeast in Bangor, seniors pay an average of $4,753 per month. These are rates for assisted living, and the monthly cost of memory care may be $600 to $900 higher.

Elderly and Adults with Disabilities Waiver

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Crime & Safety In Maine

When looking for a new place to live, it is always important to consider the safety of the community you are in. Maine has seen their crime rate on the decline , and actually is one of the safest states in the United States. If you are not sure where to start your search, look at some the safest communities in Maine:


Assisted Living / Memory Care

According to Genworths 2019 Cost of Care Survey, in comparison to the 2020 nationwide monthly average cost of assisted living, which is $4,051, the monthly average cost in Maine is quite high at $5,169. While this amount is approximately 25% greater than the nationwide average, there are some areas of the state where the cost of assisted living is even greater. For instance, the areas of Lewiston-Auburn and Portland have a monthly average cost between $5,385 and $6,600. That being said, more affordable assisted living can be found in Bangor, which has a monthly average cost of $4,753.

Seniors who need an additional level of care and support due to Alzheimers or a related dementia can live in a Memory Care unit . For this type of care, expect to pay an additional 20% 30% per month more than for traditional assisted living. Or, stated differently, approximately $1,188 $1,650 / month more.

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Am I Eligible For Mainecare Nursing Home Coverage

But you may not be eligible for MaineCare nursing home coverage when you need it. Remember, most people do not expect to need nursing home care. Even if it should have been predicted, most people feel totally blindsided by the event that lead to the nursing home. Maybe they should have planned, but most people do not. The problem is, once you need it, you may accidentally mess up your chances of getting MaineCare nursing home coverage by doing your own application. You may also mess up your chances of saving more of your assets by letting the nursing home make an application for you. Why is it important to save your assets? Because you may want your spouse who is still living at home to be able to live comfortably even though you had to go to a nursing home. You may decide that it is fair and reasonable to spend all your money on the cost of a nursing home. Some folks dont think that is the wrong thing to do. But some would rather preserve something for the people they care about too. After five years the cost is around six hundred sixty thousand dollars. The problem is, many of the things you can do to save some of that money need to be done before you even apply for MaineCare.


Background Checks For Assisted Living

Letter from assisted living center sparks fear

Certified nursing assistants, direct care workers, and all unlicensed assistive staff in Maines assisted housing programs are subject to state and federal background checks before employment can be established. An administrator of a facility who hires someone who is later found to have an ineligible background will be penalized by state regulatory agencies. Background checks include criminal history and identification verification in accordance with state and federal laws, as well as registry checks for nursing and direct care personnel. Any applicant for employment at an assisted housing program will be denied if they have ever been convicted of, or have incurred substantiated reports of abuse, neglect, or the exploitation of others.

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What You Should Know About Assisted Living In Maine

Assisted living communities, which are sometimes referred to as residential care facilities throughout Maine, help seniors maintain a lifestyle that keeps them as independent as possible. The state houses both public and private assisted living facilities. Both types operate in the same way. However, while public properties offer seniors a private bedroom, private communities offer entire apartments. When choosing an assisted living facility, it’s important to decide what you can afford and then determine whether you prefer a public or private community.

Relocating To A Dementia Care Home In Maine

5.8 million– that is the number that the Alzheimer’s Association published as the total number of people living with Alzheimer’s disease in the US alone.

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disease that causes a disruption in daily life due to loss of memory, language, problem-solving ability, and other thinking capacities. As the disease flows through the three stages , people slowly lose their mobility and independence.

Alzheimer’s is often referred to as a senior’s disease because the average onset is detected at 65 to 74 years old. However, 200,000 out of the total 5.8 million total number of Alzheimer’s cases are people who are under 65. In the United Kingdom, a 23-year-old, a ten-year-old, and a six-year-old were found to be some of the youngest dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

Although a large portion of people with Alzheimer’s choose to live independently or with family members, the progressive nature of the disease, the availability of improved memory care communities, the advancements of dementia care, and the availability of financial aids paved the way for more people to enter memory care facilities in Maine and other states.

Lastly, it is important to reassess how caring for a loved one with dementia has affected your life as the primary caregiver. Ask yourself these questions:

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Find Memory Care In New Hampshire

Search 179 dementia & Alzheimer’s homes

New Hampshire memory care facilities have a phenomenal reputation. The state is part of the highly sought-after New England part of the United States where some of the most highly esteemed medical facilities and doctors operate. Many excellent skilled nursing staffs are also employed, and it is a reason why waiting lists at some of the best dementia care homes in New Hampshire are constant.

Memory care homes in New Hampshire rank fifth in the nation in terms of being the most expensive based on average monthly rates. The only states with higher monthly rents are New Jersey, Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts all of which are also states in the northeast and part of the broader New England area. Consequently, while some would argue that New Hampshire dementia care is expensive, it is slightly cheaper than other states in the New England district.

Inn At Village Square Gorham

Assisted Living in Portland, ME Accepting MaineCare

At the Inn at Village Square, 37 residents of all financial abilities are welcome. Many seniors are able to pay privately at the time of admission, but if they deplete their funds and convert to MaineCare, they are able to stay in the same private accommodation. And as residents needs change through time, they can access additional services and amenities at no additional charge. Accommodations include 24-hour health services, medication administration, assistance with Activities of Daily Living , a resident call system, and a comprehensive social and recreational program.

Cost is currently around $6,400 per month, or $207.00 per day. Discounts are available for couples sharing a double occupancy studio.

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Financial Assistance For Assisted Living In Maine

SSI State Supplement

SSI is a federally run program that helps low-income seniors pay for housing, and the state of Maine also offers a supplement to help cover the costs of assisted living. The amount of the supplement varies, depending on a person’s living arrangements, and is combined with the SSI payment to pay for room and board at their assisted living facility. For example, if you meet all of the requirements to receive SSI, but your income is a bit higher than the maximum limit, you might still qualify for the state’s supplement program.

Who Is Eligible?

Maine’s supplement program is available to all seniors who qualify for federal SSI payments and, in some instances, seniors who don’t qualify typically for financial reasons.

How to Apply

To apply for supplemental SSI payments, you should contact your county’s Department of Health and Human Services.

The VA offers an assisted living benefit for veterans as part of their pension program. This covers about $2,200 per month of expenses. These benefits are paid in addition to the pension, but they aren’t available to those who don’t qualify for a pension through the VA.

Who Is Eligible?

How to Apply

Who Is Eligible?

If your income is over the maximum allowed, MaineCare does offer a medically needy option known as the Spend Down Program, which helps seniors with recurring medical costs that consume the majority of their income. Keep in mind that when applying for the waiver program, there may be a waiting list.

Maines Climate Geography & Culture

Maine is part of New England, though there is a different feel than Massachusetts or New Hampshire. Maine is quirky and charming filled with forest and is the lease densely populated state east of the Mississippi River.

Nestled in the furthest North East Corner of the United States, Maine experiences four distinct seasons with drastically opposing winter and summer season. Neighbored by the Atlantic, Maine experiences heavy rain and heavy snowfall each year. During the winter, January is the coldest month bringing temperatures well into the low teens. This month also happens to be the snowiest for Maine, with snow accumulating to an average of 74 inches annually. During the summer, July is the hottest month bringing temperatures climbing into the low 80 degree Fahrenheit range. Average precipitation for Maine accumulates to 44 inches per year.

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Assisted Living Service Plans

Most assisted living facilities will meet with prospective residents to interview them and find out how best to meet their needs. This helps to establish and manage the expectations of the resident and includes disclosure of how the facility can accommodate them. The service plan, and also a residency agreement are required to be completed within the first 30 days of residency. These documents are a means of confirming that new tenants have been informed of all expenses and services available as well as their rights at the facility. Residents are reassessed by facilities every six months to one year in order to maintain proper service planning.

But You Should Find Out First

The perfect storm: Nursing homes, assisted living centers brace for hurricane season during pa…

The rules to apply are very complicated. If you wish to try and ensure that your application is approved, and try and preserve some of your assets, it is best to find out ahead of time if you qualify. You can find out ahead of time if you qualify for MaineCare by hiring an elder law attorney to analyze your eligibility.

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Mainecare Adult Family Care Coverage

There are less expensive assisted living options available for people who agree to live in private or semi-private bedrooms within shared facilities. These establishments are called Residential Care Facilities , and while they do not require the same type of licensure as ALFs, they can provide many of the same support programs. Room and board costs for Medicaid-eligible RCF residents are also legally limited. Prices for these individuals are based on the current Supplemental Security Income payment plus an optional state supplement.

Through Adult Family Care Coverage, RCFs can receive Medicaid reimbursement for assistive services. For residents with greater medical needs, RCFs are required to provide a high level of largely indirect support to help residents get the care they need, such as by providing resource counseling and transportation to medical appointments.

Who is Eligible?

  • Residents of Level III or Level IV Residential Care Facilities
  • Residents of Adult Family Care Homes
  • Those who need assistance or cueing with at least two activities of daily living
  • Those who qualify financially for MaineCare

How to Apply

Applicants must take an assessment that will determine their Resource-Adjusted Price for services covered by MaineCare. To find more information on Adult Family Care coverage and to set up an assessment, find your local ombudsman or Area Agency on Aging in the directories below, or contact the Office of MaineCare Services at 977-6740.

Cost Of Maine Assisted Living Facilities

According to the 2015 Genworth Financial cost of care survey, the average cost of assisted living in Maine is $4,800 per month.

The monthly base rate for Maine assisted living is typically lower when compared to neighboring states. Maine is also more expensive compared to the national average.

This cost is the base cost for a one-bedroom assisted living unit in Maine. Additional fees beyond the base rate may apply.

Much of the information above was adapted from the National Center of Assisted Living 2010 Regulatory Review.

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Free Assisted Living Resources In Maine

Finding the right assisted living facility can be difficult because it takes a lot of time and patience. However, there are several free resources available to seniors and their family members to help them through the process.

Maine Area Agencies on Aging

The Area Agencies on Aging has more than 600 offices across the United States, including several offices in Maine. The federally funded operation aims to help seniors with everything from applying for Medicare/Medicaid to finding a suitable assisted living facility.

The website has plenty of valuable resources. You can also make an appointment at one of the local offices to get any help needed. Some of the resources it provides include:

  • Counseling for family members and seniors to help them through the transition process
  • An ombudsman program that handles complaints from seniors about their assisted living facility
  • Help filling out and understanding application forms

1B Edgemont Dr., Presque Isle, ME 04769 764-3396

450 Essex St., Bangor, ME 04401 432-7812

136 U.S. Route One, Scarborough, ME 04074 396-6500

If you’re a veteran, you can always turn to your local VA center for help. VA center staff members help seniors and their spouses find appropriate assisted living facilities. They can also review all of your current VA benefits and help you determine if you’re eligible for any VA benefits you don’t currently have.

Below is a list of VA Centers in the state and their contact information:

Memory Care Vs Assisted Living In New Hampshire

Does Medicaid Cover Paragard Iud

New Hampshire offers two types of assisted living residences: Supported Residential Health Care and or Residential Care. The latter is a good option for individuals with dementia and Alzheimers in the early stages, while the former is best for those already in the later stages.

Adult Foster Care homes are also available to those who dont require on-site medical attention or prefer to have their own licensed medical practitioner.

These care homes are the states answer to the alarming increase of Alzheimers and dementia cases, not only here but in the rest of the country. In New Hampshire alone, the number of cases is expected to increase by 37% in 2025 if no cure is found by then.

Alzheimers and other types of dementia are progressive and degenerative, which means your loved ones condition will worsen over time. It also means a more stressful life for all family members if you keep the person at home. For everyones welfare, safety and wellbeing, placing a loved one in the care of professionals in a long-term residence for assisted living is the best route to take.

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