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Blenheim Assisted Living Middletown Ri

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303 Valley Road, Middletown, RI, 02842

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Assisted Living In San Francisco That Increases The Quality Of Life For Seniors

Every phase of life has the potential to be a wonderful adventure. At Rhoda Goldman Plaza, our assisted living community in San Francisco is a place where potential takes centerstage for residents.

We put a priority on service and assistance that allows for vibrant living standards at all times. Meaningful relationships, a focus on wellness, and opportunities to live life to the fullest lead the way to excellence at the Rhoda Goldman Plaza assisted living community.

Theres a tendency to assume that aging is equivalent to slowing down. At Rhoda Goldman Plaza, our assisted living community is a place where residents thrive in a setting that provides a path to continuing to live life to the fullest!

The well-being, happiness, and livelihood of our residents is a top priority at all times. We find that those who choose to be a part of our San Francisco senior assisted living community enjoy an enhanced quality of life through access to the assistance they need to live life abundantly without hindrance to their independence.

At Rhoda Goldman Plaza, were proud to offer residents a San Francisco assisted living community option where social events and a comprehensive array of amenities create a space where happiness and comfort are always accessible. Our team of professionals puts an emphasis on safety and support at all times to give residents the level of comfort they need to thrive and families the peace of mind that comes from knowing their loved ones are well-cared for.

A San Francisco Senior Community That Benefits Residents And Their Families

Every detail is put purposefully in place for residents who elect to make the assisted living community at Rhoda Goldman Plaza their home. We aim to improve our residents quality of life in a way that provides help and peace of mind to their loved ones as well.

Those who are a part of our San Francisco senior community enjoy support with daily tasks that might include anything from cooking meals and maintaining dietary needs to light cleaning as needed. Being a part of the assisted living program offers residents an opportunity to expand their social circle through meaningful community integration and options to make connections through participation in organized social events.

Finding assisted living in San Francisco doesnt have to be a daunting task, especially for those prospective residents and their families who set their sights on Rhoda Goldman Plaza. Our community offers up a wide variety of recreational opportunities for residents to enjoy that expand their horizons and provide new adventures in an exciting new season of life.

Our assisted living community also weaves educational and cultural programs into the resident experience. From engaging lectures to innovative programs that teach new skills, lifelong learning is promoted in a safe environment that allows for resident freedom, fun, and growth.

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You Want To Do The Best Right Thing With Dignityrespect And Love For Your Parents

The decision to place a parent under the care of assisted living is a monumental and emotional one. Adult children face the struggle of choosing the right caretakers and preparing their families for a major change in their parents lives. Rhoda Goldman Plaza makes the decision to provide assisted living for your parents easier with our family-first approach. At our San Francisco retirement residence, we supply care for older citizens from all backgrounds. We welcome new community members of all genders, colors, religious faiths, and upbringings.

With our constant slate of engaging activities and social opportunities, Rhoda Goldman Plaza is a place where seniors enrich and enliven their lives, with quality amenities and fulfilling interactions with others.

Every adult child making life-changing family choices deserves assurance their parents get the best care and attention possible, and Rhoda Goldman Plaza works to ensure they do.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Assisted Living In Middletown

Blenheim Newport
  • Rhode Islands tax policies may leave more money in some seniors pockets. A tax exemption of up to $15,000 may be available, depending on a seniors income. Many seniors dont need to pay tax on their Social Security benefits. With these tax savings, the cost of assisted living in Middletown may be more affordable.
  • Middletowns low crime rate may be attractive to seniors. In this safe town, the chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime is just one in 1,005. The towns property crime rate, at 11.07 per 1,000 residents, is significantly lower than both the state and national averages.
  • The Middletown area has few facilities from which to choose in the event of a medical emergency or illness, with the nearest major hospital located in Newport.
  • Middletown has an array of community resources for seniors, including the East Bay Community Action Program, an organization that provides health education workshops, senior-friendly volunteer opportunities and other services for seniors, as well as one senior center.
  • With 31 inches of snow per year, Middletown is slightly snowier than the national average. This may be a selling point for active seniors who enjoy winter sports.
  • Middletowns cost of living is 22% higher than the national average, making it a relatively expensive place to retire. The areas high housing costs are the biggest factor, but groceries and utilities are also pricier than the U.S. norm. However, Middletown is more affordable than nearby Newport.

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A Clean And Kosher Assisted Living Community

Rhoda Goldman Plaza organizes its services around principles of the Jewish faith. The traditional tenets of kashruth guide every aspect of the accommodations we provide our guests, including our food services. Our chefs provide kosher options for every meal served to our community: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and between-meal snacks. Rhoda Goldman Plazas menu planners integrate kosher standards into the wide variety of made-from-scratch local and international cuisine they offer.

Our residents and guests can always enjoy nutritious, fresh, and satisfying meals and snacks. Rhoda Goldman Plaza serves residents of all backgrounds and faiths and our staff takes extra measures to ensure there are always delicious options that adhere to kosher guidelines. Whether our guests take meals in our restaurant, café, on the go, or in their private apartments, Rhoda Goldman Plaza serves fresh and satisfying food prepared with care and with all guests faiths and traditions in mind.

Flynn Family Legacy Continues At Blenheim

Lynn Flynn and her late husband, Sher/Bill, were both born in Newport Hospital three months apart. Fellow Newporters refer to him as Sher and his college and Army friends as Bill.

At four years old, Lynn Egan, as she was known in those days, was dancing and singing on-stage at the Paramount Theatre in Newport. As a teenager, she was even tapped to perform with the USO.

In high school, Sher and Lynn met at Hazards Beach in Newport. Despite not liking each other at first, they started dating and later married when they were 21 years old at St. Josephs Church in Newport.

We eventually realized we had a lot in common. We both loved music and dancing, particularly the Jitterbug. He was such a jokester and a great tennis player, said Lynn.

After he graduated from Providence College, the couple began a 35-year career in the Army that eventually took them and their five daughters to 24 states and countries.

Most people arent fortunate enough to count the late Colin Powell and his wife, Alma, amongst their friends. But in Colorado Springs, CO, the family lived across the street from them. Sher and Colin connected over a genuine love for their troops. They both were a soldiers soldier and discovered early on that they not only liked military life but were pretty good at it, she said.

Sher served as chief-of-staff of the 4th Infantry Division, where General Powell was the assistant division commander. Sher also served in Operation Desert Storm.

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Assisted Living Services Senior Care Retirement And Regulations Description

Seniors and older adults in an assisted living facility like Blenheim-Newport usually need help with some basic daily needs. Assisted living facilities offer services like Independent Living, Personalized Assisted Living, and Memory Care for Alzheimers and Rehabilitation, Dementia, and Skilled Nursing. You will also receive assisted care with medication, mobility, meal preparation, eating, bathing, dressing and housekeeping. You can also find offers like Continuing Care Retirement Communities where residents can live without moving if they need nursing care. Most of the facilities are providing rehabilitation, fitness, educational programming for seniors, and health services to seniors.

In general assisted living facilities like Blenheim-Newport require private pay in most cases. The assisted living is usually not covered by Medicare and Medicaid, exceptions can be met. What is the average price for assisted living and who pays for assisted living facilities are the general questions.

What is the average price for assisted living?

One-bedroom unit in an assisted living facility like Blenheim-Newport is $3,500, according to Cost of Care Survey by Genworth Financial Inc. That’s $42,000 per year for the basic program.

Who pays for assisted living facilities?

The pay for Assisted Living is in about $2,000 – $5,000 monthly. Some people that their insurance will pay. But it’s important to know that Medicare will not pay your assisted living.

Thank you for your inquiry

Learning What The Rhoda Goldman Plaza Community Wants

Middletown High School’s Scholarship and Awards Night

Living Well With Assistance means different things to different people. To that end, Rhoda Goldman Plazas staff always keeps a close ear to our residents to find out what they need from an upscale boutique assisted living community.

Our food preparation staff welcomes our guests input and suggestions of what theyd like to see in our rotating kosher menu. We value our guests knowledge and preferences about the kinds of food they most want to eat and go out of our way to take their recommendations into careful consideration.

As part of our family, Rhoda Goldman Plazas residents always come first.

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Assisted Living Costs In Middletown Ri

The average cost of care and/or rent for Assisted Living in Middletown, Rhode Island is $4,250 per month. It can range as low as $2,500 and go as high as $6,000 .

Care and rent for Assisted Living facilities in Middletown, Rhode Island including Blenheim Newport will depend on a variety of factors. These factors include the residents needs , preferences , other resident needs, facility location and the residents care assessment prior to admission.

For actual, accurate costs of Blenheim Newport, please call 877.523.6523 x1 or complete the form on the right side.

Redefining Assisted Living In San Francisco

Rhoda Goldman Plazas purpose is helping seniors with “Living Well With Assistance. To us, that entails more than fulfilling the basic needs of our senior residents, which is evidenced in every touch point, from the moment you walk in the door, to the beautifully designed, light-filled lobby, to our chef-prepared cuisine, cultural activities, and lifelong learning programs. Living well with assistance means providing our residents with opportunities for personal growth, companionship, quality relaxation, and enjoyment.

We believe that meaningful self-discovery can occur at any age. Rhoda Goldman Plaza is designed to allow our residents the chance to learn and socialize more easily, to make special connections with a variety of people, ideas, and adventures. That mission makes us unique among all providers of San Francisco senior assisted living.

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Advantages Of Assisted Living Planning For Aging Parents

Moving a parent into assisted living is always an agonizing decision. Rhoda Goldman Plaza understands the gravity of that choice, which is why our professional staff goes out of their way to ensure assisted living for your parents offers these invaluable benefits:

On-site caretaking and help. Rhoda Goldman Plaza staff is nearby whenever your parent has a special need or experiences a health emergency.

Wider social circle. The diversity and spirit of the Rhoda Goldman Plaza community offers residents more of a chance for improved social interaction and friendship.

Intellectual and physical stimulation. With activities that engage the mind and take care of the body, Rhoda Goldman Plaza residents are enabled to get the most from their later years.

24-hour support. Your parent will never be alone or forgotten at Rhoda Goldman Plaza. Our staff, caretakers, and faculty are always around or on call.

No more daily chores. Rhoda Goldman Plaza staffers take care of household maintenance, cleaning, home management, and duties so our residents can enjoy a more stress-free life.

More quality time with you. Having your senior loved one looked after by Rhoda Goldman Plaza means you dont have to shoulder the burden yourself meaning you can spend more time talking with your parents instead of taking care of them.

Treating Our Guests Like Family


Personal connections are important to all the residents of Rhoda Goldman Plaza, and keeping them intact is a primary goal of our staff. Every resident in our community is part of our family. We go out of our way to ensure that our guests are as comfortable and cared for as we would with any other cherished family members.

Just as families benefit from the diverse qualities of each person, Rhoda Goldman Plaza endeavors to make residents from all walks of life and backgrounds feel like valued parts of a single community. An upscale memory care facility and assisted living center is only as valuable as they make their residents feel, and thats why Rhoda Goldman Plaza extends the same level of attentive service and appreciation to every individual member of our community.

Our adherence to traditional Jewish values means we prepare a welcoming and special place for each guest that comes through our doors. Rhoda Goldman Plaza offers one-on-one attention at every point in our service: food preparation, medical needs, leisure and fitness activities, cultural events and gatherings, and more.

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San Franciscos Top Boutique Assisted Living Community

Rhoda Goldman Plaza believes each guest in our community belongs in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment. Were as committed to providing the same standards of upkeep as each guest would maintain in their own home. To that end, Rhoda Goldman Plaza conducts regular, thorough deep-cleaning of every residential apartment and common space in our building. Our professional staff keeps every surface area in prime condition and ensures our premises are free of germs, pollutants, irritants, and hazardous substances to maintain our guests’ health.

Rhoda Goldman Plazas commitment to a clean living experience extends beyond health and safety. We monitor every detail of our living space to keep it well-maintained for a sophisticated, polished, and elegant atmosphere. Our goal is to make Rhoda Goldman Plaza a place anyone would want to visit by making it the cleanest memory care facility and assisted living community in the Bay Area.

We take immense pride in our residents’ private accommodations being part of the cleanest assisted living community in San Francisco. Our employees maintain each apartment with great care and awareness. Rhoda Goldman Plaza gives each resident a clean, safe, and secure personal space for living, resting, and entertaining.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza works hard to maintain our exacting standards 24 hours a day.

Signs It May Be Time To Start Assisted Living Planning For Aging Parents

Every senior is different. Knowing when its time to move them from total independence into a more managed situation can be difficult to determine among groups with diverse personalities and habits. Rhoda Goldman Plaza recommends adult children look out for these behavioral signals that it may be time to start planning care for aged parents.

Difficulty with daily tasks. Note if your parent is having a tough time preparing meals, self-grooming, or other everyday functions.

Needing reminders to take medication. Especially for seniors, keeping up with necessary prescriptions is crucial. If theyre having trouble remembering to take their daily dosage, they may need the guidance assisted living provides.

Noticeable weight change. Heavy weight loss, gains, or fluctuations over a certain time may indicate the need for professional caretaking.Mobility loss. Parents who have problems with moving around or falling may benefit from the secure mobility of assisted living.

Neglecting household maintenance. When parents can no longer perform household chores, or their home becomes dirtier, less organized, or hard to move around in, assisted living may be a possibility.

Increased isolation. Withdrawing from social life or family communications may show a need to increase interactivity in a structured setting.

Loss of interest. When they become indifferent about hobbies, interests, or activities they used to enjoy, planning assisted living for your parents may be your next step.

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Choosing Rhoda Goldman Plaza For Assisted Living And Memory Care Needs

Yes, aging comes with a new set of challenges to conquer, but at Rhoda Goldman Plaza, we believe that this season of life is also full of potential! Finding just the right assisted living and memory care community to keep your aging parents safe and thriving is a big decision. Its one that our team takes seriously.Families and residents that partner with us will find that a vibrant and independent lifestyle isnt out of reach when its paired with caring attention to impeccable safety standards. That balance is exactly what we provide for every resident that calls our community home.

Rhoda Goldman Plaza is a place where residents can feel safe and cared for, but also a place where they can enjoy options for new adventures. Were fully committed to providing the health care and mobility services residents require, while also offering cultural and educational programs that keep everyone learning.Our on-site activities and planned excursions are incredible options for residents to explore their community and city through a new lens. Its also a chance to socialize with others who are in a similar season of life.

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