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Business Insurance For Assisted Living Facilities

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Business Plans for Assisted Living and Nursing Facilities
  • Prior to each renewal, Fortiphi Insurance provides several plans that are uniquely tailored to our specific health care needs. I am always impressed with how professional, concise and informative the quotes are presented.

    Kristi, Burlington, WA

  • You guys are the best. We are so grateful for your thoroughness, honesty and amazing customer service all with providing us affordable insurance coverage.

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  • Prior to each renewal, Fortiphi Insurance provides several plans that are uniquely tailored to our specific health care needs. I am always impressed with how professional, concise and informative the quotes are presented.

We are one of the most experienced insurance agencies in Washington State. We provide full service Medical, Personal, Medicare as well as Adult Family Home Insurance to our valued customers in the Pacific Northwest.


Renters Insurance For Assisted Living

Moving to assisted living means youll never have to worry about termites, mowing the grass, or your roof leaking ever again.

Assisted living communities to take care of your needs, but what happens if a natural disaster strikes? What about all the belongings that you have with you?

Not all assisted living facilities will provide insurance coverage for the personal property of their residents.

Renters insurance for assisted living is a wise decision even if you dont own much stuff. So think about the things you make use of daily. Your favorite books, plants, jewelry, clothes, and even shoes are things that keep you functioning well each day.

Now think about how much it will cost to replace those things. Its precisely the reason why renters insurance is a brilliant financial plan for anyone living in an assisted living home.

The great thing about renters insurance is that its cheap, running you as low as $14 a month. But certain factors can affect the costs like:

  • How much you have and the amount of coverage you need
  • Where you live
  • The safety and security of your assisted living home
  • Your credit score can play a part in your rates

You can even choose a renters insurance policy that will value your items as what they would cost today. For example, if your TV is ten years old, you would get the amount it will cost you to go out and buy a new TV today.

Workers Compensation Insurance For Residential Care Facilities

*Brookhurst Insurance Services is licensed to provide workers compensation insurance for Residential Care Facilities nationwide.

Residential care facilities offer care to mostly adults and sometime, children, who are housed in a residential setting rather than their own home or family home. Depending on the needs of the residents, different care options are available.

Just like in any other business environment, there are risk factors inherent in such assisted living facilities. On the forefront of facing these risk factors in these facilities may be your workers who, by the way, are your greatest assets.

As much as the chances of ugly incidents and accidents happening can be greatly minimized, sometimes they are inevitable. It is therefore imperative that steps be taken to ensure that in an event of an incident, their effects are greatly minimized. The best thing is for you to consider getting assisted living facility insurance for residential care facilities .

Over the years, insurance remains the best way to handle risk and we at Brookhurst remain your most reliable partner as far as assisted living facility insurance is concerned. Our workers comp insurance cover for residential care facilities are second to none.

Insurance for Residential Care Facilities.

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Insurance For Assisted Living Facilities From Caitlin Morgan

Leading MGU and wholesaler Caitlin Morgan Insurance Services has been successful in establishing its footprint in insuring assisted living facilities throughout the last 15-plus years. This is due to our expertise, responsiveness and ability to provide competitive pricing, which is important to the viability of these entities.

Assisted living facilities provide services for seniors who wish to remain independent but still need some assistance with daily living. Types of assistance offered include help with bathing, dressing, eating, grooming and getting around. There are a variety of options available in the assisted living industry. Facilities can be located in high-rise apartment buildings, converted Victorian homes, or even renovated schools. Over the years, assisted living facilities have expanded throughout the country to address our aging population, and we have been there to help our agents and brokers insure them with a comprehensive portfolio of coverages.

Assisted Living Facility Insurance

Assisted Living Insurance Endorsements

Assisted Living liability insurance provides coverage for direct loss to property, contents, lost income, and timely replacement of assets. Our Assisted Living liability insurance programs protect customer goodwill by insuring against client risks, from both professional and non-professional services. Our account representatives will also support you in non-insurable areas such as contract review, risk control for safety of premises, and reviews of employee safety.

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What Type Of Insurance Do Assisted Living Facilities Need

Not every residential care facility looks and operates the same way, so insurance will also vary based on the facility. Key potential coverages you may consider for your assisted living home include:

In the section above, we mentioned that most states require your facility to have a couple of surety bonds. While surety bonds arent considered insurance, they are usually sold by insurance companies. So, here are the two most common surety bonds youll need.

  • Patient Trust Bond/Nursing Home Care Bond Put simply, this bond is a guarantee your facility will comply with all state and federal laws and use patients trust funds in an ethical and financially responsible manner.
  • DMEPOS Bond/Medicare Bond If you bill Medicare for durable medical equipment, prosthetics, or orthotics through your assisted living facility, then you need a DMEPOS bond.

Finding An Assisted Living Residence

Under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act, all publicly subsidized and private pay assisted living operators in British Columbia must register their residences with the Assisted Living Registry. The Assisted Living Registry maintains a register of publicly subsidized and private pay residences.

To find a registered assisted living residence in your community, go to:

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Insuremyrcfe Quality Assisted Living Insurance Coverage

Our knowledgeable insurance brokers at InsureMyRCFE have ample experience as the previous owners and administrators of assisted living facilities. We know the significance of safety, compliance, and securing coverage to maintain operations in case of a loss. We are dedicated to providing the most exclusive policies available to ensure that coverage needs are always met. To speak with one of our skilled agents regarding the assisted living insurance policies that we offer, give us a call at today!

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Senior Living Facility Insurance For A Variety Of Business Sizes And Types

Assisted Living Facility Business Plan

Home » Business Insurance » Specialized Business Insurance » Senior Living Facility Insurance

As our population continues to age, there will continue to be increased demand for services and facilities for seniors. The eldercare industry comes with its own unique risks, which can be addressed with senior living facility insurance. The broad nature of businesses that fit this category means there isnt a one-size-fits-all model. However, there are some coverages that any organization serving seniors will want to consider.

We can find you the right senior living facility insurance.

Seniors of all ages require different levels of care based on their health. Skilled nursing and subacute facilities dont necessarily have the same insurance risks as ancillary support services such as home healthcare and hospice. Assisted living facilities provide resources for a very different population than Alzheimers and memory loss facilities, and possibly require different insurance concerns. In addition, pharmacies and providers of durable and home medical equipment have other needs as well. We understand the unique risks of the different businesses in this industry and can recommend the best insurance for every need.

Senior living facilities have specialized liability insurance needs.
Communal living necessitates specific insurance.
Caring for vulnerable populations carries other risks, too.
Senior living facilities must also preserve their reputation.

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Business Insurance For Assisted Living Facilities

Business Insurance is designed to protect a business owners financial assets and is an essential investment for an assisted living facility.

This article will cover the main insurance coverage for assisted living facilities, general liability insurance, and suggest other policies that are suitable for this business.

Find out the real cost of business insurance. Call now, or generate a free quote.


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Our clients save an average of 26% with discounted Liability insurance for assisted living personal care homes and residential care facilities. Discover why over 650 Senior Living facilities choose to work with EPG Insurance for their insurance needs. No long applications. No pressure.Just the best insurance protection at great rates.

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The Question Is Can You Afford To Not Have Insurance For Your Assisted Living Facilities Business

What this means, for any assisted living facilities business owner, is that if some customer claims that your actions caused them some physical or economic damage, a court can award damages far beyond the total size of your business.

Get Your Business Insurance:Get Free Quote

Your assisted living facilities business is not protected by laws in the same way as states are, where edicts can place a cap on the maximum level of liability.

In some states, like Texas, there are specific monetary levels that limit the amount a court can award in any case against the state.

In a court case, its purely the right of the jury to award whatever amount they deem appropriate, even sometimes giving a plaintiff more than they have sort.

When you are running your assisted living facilities operations, you cant avoid responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

Even more importantly, unless you have spent beforehand the money necessary to have your business running as a corporation, all of that liability belongs to you as an individual.

Ariel Ibanezteam Lead Specializes In < 25 Bed Facilities

How to Build Cost Effective Senior Living Facilities ...

Ariel Ibanez is a Team Lead in the Senior Living Department at EPG Insurance. She specializes in small to mid-size assisted living facilities, personal care homes, and residential care facilities. As a natural problem solver, Ariel loves finding carriers that save her clients money and improve their coverage. She brings over 8 years of customer service experience to the table.

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Types Of Coverage Available To Assisted Living Facilities And Senior Centers

We provide customized insurance solutions through an all-in-one approach to fit your needs. You can have the coverages below under one policy:

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Alleged Sexual Abuse and Molestation Liability
  • Alleged Assault & Battery Liability
  • Business Auto
  • Property Coverage

Please note we do not provide workers compensation.

Protection For Your Assisted Living Facility

Volaris Insurance Group specializes in providing insurance protection for adult residential care facilities and personal care homes across the country. Volaris Insurance Group works with your operation to assure that your assisted living or personal care home has the complete insurance protection necessary.

Types of Assisted Living Facilities We Insure:

  • Residential Care Facilities

Insurance Coverages That we Provide:

  • General Liability Insurance

The Volaris Insurance Group Advantage:

  • Carriers are experienced and financially sound
  • Excellent Support from underwriting to payments
  • Expertise in handling catastrophic claims and loss mitigation
  • Multiple payment options

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What Is Assisted Living Facilities Insurance

Facilities that provide Massachusetts residents with assisted living services have substantial assets and are exposed to significant liability risks. In order to protect themselves, facilities should have assisted living facilities insurance that provides robust protection.

Assisted living facilities insurance is a specially designed commercial insurance thats intended for assisted living facilities and similar businesses. Because these businesses are exposed to multiple risks, most policies come with multiple coverages that are combined together into a convenient package policy.

Risks Affecting Assisted Living/residential Care Communities

My Monthly Business Expenses | Assisted Living Home
  • Complex healthcare laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Ever-changing individual health insurance regulations
  • persistent cyber attack/patient privacy threats
  • Opportunities for patient abuse or neglect from patient handling mishaps to sexual abuse
  • Accidents occurring while transporting patients
  • Patients property theft or damage
  • and more

Any number of incidents can occur, from staff giving the wrong medication to accidents in a physical therapy center to unauthorized access of confidential patient information.

If your care business allows pets, that presents an even greater liability. Being pro-actively prepared for these or other incidents with a comprehensive insurance policy is paramount for your financial stability and business reputation.

Heffernan Insurance Brokers has a long history of working with many for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations in the residential care industry.

Our brokers cultivate relationships with our clients to become fully away of the unique situations they face in their businesses. They pair this relationship andworking knowledge of the industry to best approach the top national healthcare insurance underwriters to find the right plan to meet your unique needs.

What our Senior Care / Nursing Home / Assisted Living CommunityInsurance Provides:

  • General liability to cover injuries from negligence
  • Automotive / transportation

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What Is Residential Care Insurance

Assisted living facility insurance and residential care insurance are the same thing, just with two different names. Both coverages are tailored for elderly care facilities and can come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the business. There isnt a one-size-fits-all assisted living facility insurance policy able to cover all your risks, but this means you can tailor coverage to meet your needs.

Nevada Assisted & Independent Living Facilities Skilled & Intermediate Care Facilities Retirement Apartments & Continuing Care Retirement

As what was the largest generation in this country, the Baby Boomers, start to get up there in age, what we currently know as Senior Care will start to evolve in just how seniors will be administered care over the coming years. One thing we do know about todays seniors is that they will insist on their input about where they will reside and exactly what kind of environment they will live in. Another thing that this new generation of retirees will certainly demand is a much higher level of services that these Nevada Assisted & Independent Living Facilities, Skilled & Intermediate Care Facilities, Retirement Apartments & Continuing Care Retirement currently provide, and with their tech skills much more advanced than their parents, they will require top-tier technological services.

Whether your Las Vegas/Clark County, NV company is conducting business in the area of an Assisted Living Facility, Personal Care Homes, Intermediate Care Facility, Resident Care Facility, Independent Living Facility, Continuing Care Retirement Community Facility, or Skilled Nursing Facility, choosing the proper Nevada business insurance program to fit your particular facility could mean the difference of surviving a lawsuit or claim or closing your business due to these actions.

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How Much Will Assisted Living Facilities Business Insurance Cost

As well as the size of the business, several other factors, such as location and claims history, are used to determine your policys cost.

You should talk to professional insurance agents and brokers, or insurance company representatives.

You can search for more information insurance for assisted living facilities, in the search box below, and follow the relevant links.

What Does California’s Long

Business Insurance For Assisted Living Facilities

LTCI in California is designed to help protect you and your family in the case that you need long-term care for an extended period or after receiving a particularly devastating health diagnosis. Long-term care insurance is intended to assist if you or a family member outlive your savings or discover that maintaining self-care becomes more expensive as you grow older. You may spend your long-term care insurance benefits on a wide range of medical expenses, and costs such as:

  • Nursing homes
  • Physical therapy or other rehabilitation following surgery
  • Chemotherapy and radiation treatments
  • Fees for treating long-term illnesses like stroke, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease

If you need more detailed assistance with what can or should be covered in a policy, you can reach out to the California Department Of Insurance.

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Workers Compensation Insurance For Assisted Living Facilities

Workers Compensation insurance helps to make sure that your employees are covered for work related injuries or illness with benefits needed for loss wages, medical costs and rehabilitation.

InsureMyRCFE offers an exclusive new Workers Compensation Program at lowered prices. Our special program includes Risk Management Services that can help you reduce possible staff injury. These services can cost thousands of dollars for assisted living facilities. We have the skills and expertise needed to help get you the insurance coverage you need at the best rates and most flexible payment options.

Assisted Living Facilities Insurance Policy Information

Assisted Living Facilities Insurance. For the residents and families that rely on these services, senior care centers provide relief from the many worries associated with elderly care including personal injury.

For the owners of these institutions, assisted living facilities insurance provides coverage in situations where residents suffer injury while in the care of the facility.

Did you know that millions of Americans live in senior homes? This is according to the National Center for Assisted Living. Consider the following numbers if you own or operate a senior care facility:

  • 8,000 baby boomers a day will turn 65 over the next 15 years
  • When this spike levels out, over 20% of the U.S. population will be 65 years or older
  • The total number of seniors is expected to double in the period between 2012 and 2050 according to World Report.

Assisted living facilities insurance protects your facility from lawsuits with rates as low as $87/mo. Get a fast quote and your certificate of insurance now.

Below are some answers to commonly asked assisted living facilities insurance questions:

  • Rehabilitation centers, residential: with health care incidental
  • Rest homes, with health care incidental
  • Self-help group homes for persons with social or personal problems
  • Training schools for delinquents

Assisted Living Facilities Insurance – The Bottom Line

Types Of Small Business Insurance – Requirements & Regulations

Small Business Insurance Information
Types Of Small Business Insurance

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