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Cost Of Assisted Living In Seattle

Senior Living Options In Washington

Colorado Springs seniors struggling with high cost of living

Depending on individual circumstances and needs, Washingtons seniors have ample options to choose from when it comes to living situation. Retirees here can opt for independent living, assisted living, memory care, or nursing home care. Determine which one would be best for you by exploring each option below.

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About 745,000 people, including more than 90,000 seniors aged 65 or older, live in Seattle, Washington. Despite the Emerald City’s reputation for copious amounts of rain, the city receives just 38 inches of precipitation annually, matching the national average. Seniors who don’t like snow will be happy to know that Seattle gets just 5 inches per year.

When friends come to town, there are plenty of famous sites to visit, such as the Space Needle and the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit, which is just next door. However, locals prefer the town’s lovely cafes, many of which are open 24 hours, or the shopping and food available at Pike Place Market.

The average cost of living in Seattle is twice as high as the national average, mainly due to high housing prices. However, there is no state income tax. That means income from Social Security, pensions and retirement accounts is all tax-free in Washington. Sales tax rates are quite high, and property tax rates are about average.

According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey 2019, homemaker services and home health aides cost $6,244 and $6,292, respectively, on average per month. For adult day care, seniors can expect to pay $1,333, while nursing home care for a semi-private room runs $10,489 on average per month. In Seattle, the average cost of assisted living care is $6,500, 60% higher than the national average of $4,051.

The Best Assisted Living Facilities In Seattle Wa

At, we are passionate about connecting seniors and their loved ones with supportive assisted living communities that offer the care and services that allow older adults to age gracefully and independently.

In order to find the top assisted living communities in the Seattle area, our team of researchers sorted through 278 communities using our unique methodology. Our team:

  • Spent over 30 hours researching assisted living communities in Seattle
  • Interviewed 15 facility staff members
  • Read more than 160 reviews left by residents and their family members

After filtering out facilities that didnt meet our high standards, we were left with 20 assisted living communities that earned our seal of approval. Through this process we discovered that the average cost of assisted living in the city of Seattle is $5,750, which is considerably higher than the state average of $5,135 and significantly higher than the national average of $4,000.

Christina Drumm-Boyd
Christina Drumm-Boyd

Christina is a Certified Senior Advisor and Geriatric Care Manager who is passionate about seniors and their families. Along with her staff, Christina works hands-on with each client to find the best solutions for the challenges that often come with aging.

Read on for in-depth information about the top assisted living facilities in Seattle, a brief dive into our methodology for determining the best assisted living communities, and a searchable directory of 278 communities in the Seattle area.

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Assisted Living Communities In And Around Seattle Washington

Your loved one deserves a facility that does more than simply offer services and amenities they deserve to be welcomed into a senior living community. There are plenty of assisted living facilities in and around the City of Seattle who are dedicated to their team, residents, and community partners.

If youre in Washington, discover assisted living communities in and around the Seattle area today!

Senior Centers In Seattle

View Pricing for Prestige Assisted Living at Mira Loma

The City of Seattle is home to 12 senior centers that are open to residents aged 50 and older, and a number of city community centers also offer programming for older adults. Many senior centers in Seattle offer multilingual events, health screening services and transportation assistance to and from local grocery stores and medical centers.

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Emerald City Senior Living is an assisted living community located in Seattle that offers senior living accommodations and services.

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Average Cost Of Assisted Living For A Couple

One of the best values offered in the care industry today involves assisted living for a couple.

When living in an assisted living community, the price in the U.S. can be as low as $1,500 per month. That cost assumes that both individuals are relatively self-supportive. Prices can increase based on the additional services and supports that each spouse requires.

The median cost for a private one-bedroom apartment with assisted living features is about $3,750 in the United States. This price typically assumes that one spouse can function independently without additional supports while the other needs daily caregiving services.

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What Is The Average Cost Of Assisted Living By State

by A1 Senior Care Advisors | Aug 20, 2020 | Assisted Living, Average Cost of Assisted Living |

The average cost of assisted living in the United States is approximately $4,000 per month. That means youll pay about $48,000 annually for these services, which breaks down to about $133 daily.

Although that cost may seem expensive at first glance, that rate is about half of the private rooms expense in a nursing home.

It is even comparable to home health aide services, which averages a cost of $127 daily in the United States based on an eight-hour, five-day schedule.

Any care solution has expenses to consider. As you can see, the average cost of assisted living is one of the best full-time options you can provide for your loved one. Many families qualify for insurance coverage, reducing their out-of-pocket expenses even further.

Pricing At The Hearthstone

Seattle, Washington Senior Living

Independent residency in the Lakeside Building, Cove East or Cove West is established with a one-time entrance fee. Entrance fees contribute to capital improvements to the buildings and grounds, avoiding special assessments and ensuring a well-maintained community for years to come. In addition to access to all common areas, activities and amenities, the entrance fee affords access to the continuum of care and up to 60 complimentary days in the skilled nursing and rehabilitation center. Entrance fees are calculated by apartment size, apartment location and the type of contract that best meets your financial goals. If two people live in a residence, the Hearthstone does not charge a second person entrance fee.

The Lakeside Building Pricing

  • Amortizing Entrance Fee Starting at: $195,000
  • Monthly Fee Starting at: $2,795
  • Deluxe Studio
  • Amortizing Entrance Fee Starting at: $240,000
  • Monthly Fee Starting at: $3,295
    • One Bedroom
    • Amortizing Entrance Fee Starting at: $340,000
    • Monthly Fee Starting at: $4,295
  • Deluxe One Bedroom
  • Amortizing Entrance Fee Starting at: $380,000
  • Monthly Fee Starting at: $4,495
  • Super One Bedroom
  • Amortizing Entrance Fee Starting at: $440,000
  • Monthly Fee Starting at: $4,895
  • Two Bedroom
  • Amortizing Entrance Fee Starting at: $560,000
  • Monthly Fee Starting at: $5,595
  • Second Person Fee: $990

    • One Bedroom
    • Amortizing Entrance Fee Starting at: $249,000
    • Monthly Fee Starting at: $3,795
  • Two Bedroom
  • Amortizing Entrance Fee Starting at: $355,000
  • Monthly Fee Starting at: $4,475
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    What Is The Cost Of Other Long

    Homemaker Services

    Average monthly cost: $4,290

    For a senior who needs a helping hand around the house, homemaker services include cooking, cleaning, and running errands. They will come into a seniors home and provide assistance to make life more comfortable. But services do not include personal care. If an individuals ability declines over time, costs may increase with added services.

    Home Health Aides

    Average monthly cost: $4,385

    Home health aides offer personal care that includes the ADLs, such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and household tasks that your loved one can no longer manage. They can also provide transportation assistance and companionship for isolated seniors within their home. Declining health issues will increase costs.

    Adult Day Health Care

    Average monthly cost: $1,625

    Adult day health care centers are community-based programs that provide health services in a protective setting. For older adults struggling with isolation and loneliness, they offer socialization and structured activities. They may also supervise the individuals care and health needs. Adult Day Health Care is not a live-in situation. Seniors visit for several hours each day then return home.

    Skilled Nursing

    Average monthly cost: $7,513 for a semi-private room or $8,517 for a private room

    Assisted Living / Memory Care

    In Washington, as of 2021, per Genworths 2020 Cost of Care Survey, the average monthly cost of assisted living is $5,750 statewide. However, the average monthly cost ranges from $3,800 on the low end to $6,750 on the high end, based on ones geographic location. The most expensive assisted living found in Washington is in the areas of Mount Vernon and Seattle, with the average monthly cost between $5,850 and $6,750. In contrast, the area with the least expensive assisted living is Walla Walla, with an average cost of $3,800 / month. The areas of Bellingham, Spokane, Yakima, Longview, Kennewick, Olympia, and Bremerton also offer very affordable assisted living at an average cost of $4,738 / month $5,138 / month.

    Elderly individuals with Alzheimers disease or a related dementia who require a higher level of care and security are able to do so via Memory Care units. These units, sometimes referred to as Alzheimers care, are frequently located in assisted living facilities. On average, these types of units cost approximately $950 / month to $1,687 / month more than does traditional assisted living.

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    About The Summit At First Hill

    The Summit At First Hill is a mid-sized assisted living community located in Seattle, WA. The cost at this community starts at $5,595, while the average cost for a senior living community in Seattle, WA is $5,720. These are estimated prices.

    At this assisted living property, residents can receive full-time non-medical care while also enjoying transportation arrangement and assistance with their activities of daily living , some of which include bathing, maintaining continence , and maintaining personal hygiene . When living at The Summit At First Hill, residents can participate in community events and activities, such as group outings, morning walks and shopping trips. Finally, residents at The Summit At First Hill can enjoy a variety of amenities that include telephones within bedrooms, a shared dining room, and kitchenettes.

    A Message From Thegeneral Manager

    Murano Senior Living: Where flexibility meets lifestyle ...

    Hello and welcome to Merrill Gardens at Ballard! I am a Seattle native and have been part of the Merrill Gardens family since 2009. After a wonderful experience helping my grandmother find a new home at Merrill Gardens, it is an honor to serve this wonderful community of residents and work with a fantastic team.

    Outside of Merrill Gardens I love spending time traveling, connecting with close friends, and enjoying the Pacific Northwest playground with my husband and two kids. I look forward to meeting you!

    Lisa Palm, General Manager

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    The Average Cost For Senior Care

    As you research the care options for a parent who can no longer live on their own, there are many factors to evaluate to make the best decision for your family. We know that your choice cannot be based simply on economics, but we understand that the cost is an important factor that needs to be considered. We can provide you with some guidelines to help compare costs and educate yourself as a consumer.

    Evaluating the cost of an assisted living or memory care community is typically straightforward once your family has taken a tour. The community will assess your parents needs and provide your family with the breakdown of costs and what is included in that price. Every community provides different amenities, activities, apartment sizes, and cuisine, as well as location, décor, and an overall feeling that will influence your decision. Touring multiple communities to compare pricing and features is key.

    But to make an apples to apples comparison with in-home care will take a little more work on your part. You will need to assess all the costs for your parent to live at home. In-home care services charge an hourly rate to give you an idea of what that care cost will be, but you will need to include additional living expenses in your evaluation. At-home living expenses, like rent or mortgage, property taxes, insurance, home maintenance, utilities, and food, should be part of your evaluation for a precise comparison.

    How Much Does Assisted Living Cost In Seattle

    Assisted living in Seattle costs much more than the national average, at an average of $5,750 a month. It is also the most costly city for average assisted living costs in the state. Nearby cities Bellingham and Olympia are much more affordable, and among the least expensive options in the state, at $4,250 on average. Central areas like Wenatchee are drastically more affordable, at $4,125 a month, and Spokane in the eastern part of the state is the most affordable area, meeting the national average at only $4,000 a month on average.

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    How Washington Compares With The Other States

    Affordable assisted living in the United States begins with facilities in Montana. You can expect to pay about $2,500 per month, or half of what similar services would be in Washington State.

    Several states offer assisted living services for under $3,000 per month. South Dakota, Idaho, Oklahoma, Mississippi, North Dakota, Indiana, and Tennessee provide exceptional deals.

    Although the $5,100 monthly seems expensive, several states charge more for these services. Delaware is consistently 60% above the national average, followed closely by Alaska and New Jersey. Massachusetts and Rhode Island average about $500 more per month than Washington State for similar care options.

    The in-home care options follow a similar pattern. Youll find rates are slightly cheaper on average, with the geographic location providing a significant influence on what to expect.

    If you are willing to move to a different state, you could experience significant savings for these care needs. When relocation isnt a possibility, finding alternatives is an essential part of the process.

    One option is for a couple to live together at an assisted living facility when space is available.

    What To Know About Assisted Living In Seattle

    Housing market will slow down a bit but prices aren’t expected to backslide: Zillow economist

    The Washington Department of Social and Health Services is responsible for regulating the states assisted living communities, requiring them to provide room and board as well as support for daily living activities. However, there are a few additional factors you and your loved one should know about assisted living in Seattle:

    • Washingtons lack of state income tax makes it an attractive place for assisted living because there is no tax on Social Security, retirement accounts or pensions.
    • Public transport in Seattle is widespread. King County Metro provides local and commuter buses within the county. Sound Transit also operates light rail, commuter rail and regional express buses in the Puget Sound region.
    • At the time of publishing, Seattle is safer than only 2% of U.S. cities, according to NeighborhoodScout. When searching for an assisted living community in Seattle, ask what security measures are in place to protect residents from crime.
    • For older adults who like precipitation and cooler temperatures, Seattle is a good location. Throughout the year, temperatures in Seattle usually range from 39 degrees to 79 degrees and dont often go below 28 degrees or higher than 88 degrees.
    • Active seniors enjoy that Seattle is surrounded by national parks and coastal scenes. Consider choosing an assisted living community that makes day trips to local museums, parks and nature sites.

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    Assisted Living Near Seattle Wa

    Seattle is the largest metropolis in the pacific northwest of the United States. Known for its beautiful views and legendary Space Needle, Seattle is a great place to look for independent living options.

    Facilities in this area could accept State Medicaid, private payers and long-term care insurance. has been used by families and care professionals in the Seattle area to find real-time assisted living openings and provide a comprehensive list of options for care.

    We do all the work for you when it comes to finding the best assisted living in and around Seattle. We do extensive research on the facilities and provide you with the most current information and care availability.

    We’ll Help You Find The Best Board And Care In San Diego

    If you are searching around for the right assisted living in San Diego and youre leaning towards something smaller and more home-like than the traditional senior community, you may want to re-direct your search and focus in on some of the best board and care homes in San Diego. Our team here at The Assisted Living Network is quite familiar with most of the inventory thats out there, so we can easily help you target your search towards this particular category of senior housing which is typically located in traditional homes and neighbourhoods. The average San Diego board and care usually houses from six to ten seniors. Many prefer this type of setup since it offers a more personalized atmosphere, as well as more hands-on care and better supervision. Also, the monthly rates at a board and care are typically lower than the rates at most of the larger care communities.

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