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Kensington Assisted Living White Plains

Preventive And Proactive Physical Care

Loneliness in Seniors: Ways to Overcome Isolation and Depression in the Older Adult Population

We take a preventative and proactive approach when caring for our residents. Our specialized programs are designed to help us ward off illness, preserve physical strength and boost morale.

  • Rehabilitative therapiesphysical, occupational, and speechare located on-site, which makes them easy to access with greater frequency.
  • Clinical support for our residents includes functional assessments falls and balance assessments wellness seminars and fitness classes to promote stability and increase strength.
  • Hydration stations are located throughout the community, and we conduct hydration checks several times a day to prevent dehydration.
  • We track weight and blood pressure monthly, or weekly for at-risk residents, to look for changes that signal the potential for an underlying condition.
  • We use a bladder scanner to monitor urinary retention, which reduces the chance of infection and the need for catheterization.
  • We are equipped to assist residents with high acuity care for chronic challenges including but not limited to congestive heart failure, diabetes, incontinence, Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, Lewy body dementia, and frontal lobe dementia.

What Is Assisted Living

Assisted living communities help seniors enjoy their independence longer on a safe campus with their peers and healthcare professionals.

In addition, residents of an assisted living community can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing onsite caregivers are available 24/7 provided families can afford it.

An assisted living community, such as The Kensington White Plains, can help seniors living with special needs or ongoing conditions, such as:

  • Reduced mobility
  • No longer driving/ no reliable access to transportation
  • Difficulty adhering to a medication schedule or unable to refill prescriptions
  • Difficulty getting groceries or preparing meals

Other assisted living benefits include an increased sense of community, nutritious all-day dining services, improved nutrition and maintenance of special dietsat The Kensington White Plains, we have onsite dieticians and physicians , opportunities to socialize with other residents, and housing modifications like televisions designed to increase the sound quality .

Memory Care At The Kensington White Plains

The Kensington White Plains is more than an assisted living facility its an enhanced community featuring dedicated memory care neighborhoods.

These neighborhoods function at a higher level of assistance and care and are specially designed for those living with dementia. Features include:

  • Heightened security to prevent unintentional wandering to unfamiliar parts of the community
  • Specialized training for staff
  • Activities to help improve cognition
  • Memory boxes to boost recognition and minimize confusion

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether in-home care or an assisted living community is best for your loved one. It will be a personal choice, but should take your loved ones physical, medical, and emotional needs into consideration.

Reach out to our team today, if youre exploring home care versus assisted living for a family member and would like to schedule a tour of the Kensington White Plains residence.

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    Traditional Assisted Living Versus Enhanced Assisted Living

    Traditional assisted living communities are residential environments for seniors in relatively good health. Theyre often looking for a retirement community that offers amenities.

    Seniors in traditional assisted living generally still have independence and are looking to connect with new neighbors.

    Traditional assisted living residents may rely on staff to help provide transportation to doctors offices or take medications. But they generally require little or only some assistance completing their daily activities.

    Unfortunately, many traditional assisted living communities are simply unequipped to offer medical services to residents who require high acuity care. This means for example, if a resident has Alzheimers, Parkinsons, ALS and care needs progress or requires a two-person lift or becomes permanently wheelchair-bound, theyll have to leave their community.

    Luckily, enhanced assisted living residences offer all the benefits of traditional senior living, but also provide their residents with the healthcare services to help them age in place. At The Kensington, even if a residents healthcare needs change drastically, theyll still be taken care of without being discharged to another community.

    Unlike traditional assisted living, we are able and willing to assist residents who need:

    Why The Kensington White Plains

    Benefits of Moving to Senior Living During a Difficult ...

    Our residence is located at the corner of Maple and Longview Avenues, in the heart of White Plains, just off the Cross Westchester Expressway . Were less than a block from White Plains Hospital, and within walking distance of The Westchester and The Galleria shopping malls, as well as plenty of eateries. Also close by are ArtsWestchester, White Plains Performing Arts Center, and Saxon Woods Park. Youll also find many churches and synagogues, as well as the US Post Office in the immediate area.

    We find or create ways to help residents feel comfortable, secure, happy, and dignified. We build care into the rapport we cultivate with residents. To create the best conditions for this relationship-based focus, we assign a primary care manager to each resident.

    Residents at The Kensington White Plains enjoy active social lives. We offer events seven days a week, from morning until evening. But it isnt just about keeping busy. Regular activities create friendships, and help to foster engagement and preserve wellness. We have full-time Life Enrichment coordinators, who work to keep your schedule as full as you want it to be. We even have a Family Services Director with an undergraduate degree in social work and life coach on staff for both residents and their families.

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    What Is Home Care

    Home care can vary based on who provides the care, but offers the support your loved one needs without having to move them out of their own home.

    For example, a Licensed Home Care Services Agency typically provides nursing, in addition to housekeeping or personal-care services. They typically charge an hourly rate.

    Many also help with health and social service needs. Friends or family members may stop by when not at work to help with household chores or cook meals.

    Social Connection And Activities

    Besides family, friends often contribute to a happier and healthier lifestyle and give residents meaningful connections to improve their social and mental health.

    Residents at The Kensington White Plains are encouraged to live active social lives. Every day of the week is filled with new activities and events to foster engagement and preserve wellness.

    We also have a full-time Life Enrichment Supervisor who works with residents to help them plan their event schedules, as well as a Family Services director and a life coach for residents and their families.

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    How Does Enhanced Care Differ From Traditional Assisted Living

    Traditional assisted living communities are designed to provide homelike settings and daily assistance with meals and personal care. Emphasis is placed on promoting a residents independence and overall health and wellbeing.

    While traditional assisted living does provide some medical services such as monitoring medication and providing access to emergency care, these communities dont provide extensive care.

    Enhanced assisted living is a combination of skilled nursing-type services and assisted living. Residents can live in this type of community whether they live more independently or require memory care, feeding tubes, specialized diets, or Hoyer Lifts.

    Enhanced Assisted Living Vs Skilled Nursing Facilities: Whats The Difference

    The New Kensington in White Plains, NY

    Skilled nursing facilities are in-patient treatment and rehabilitation centers. Facilities have licensed nurses and other medical professionals on staff to care for residents, including physical and occupational therapists.

    In skilled nursing facilities, seniors will receive an initial assessment to determine the level of care they require. Many residents in a nursing home are there either permanently, or for temporary rehabilitation.

    This type of care, for people requiring rehabilitation, usually follows an emergency hospital stay, and once the treatments have concluded, the person needing care can return home or to a nursing home.

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    Assisted Living Level Of Care

    Residents requiring hands-on assistance from caregivers generally require an increased level of care. This level of care can benefit the following residents who:

    • Need assistance to get around or are not ambulatory
    • Need more support with personal grooming and hygiene
    • Are participating in rehabilitation therapy or physical therapy
    • Have some memory loss or
    • Require more skilled medical care or complex medical attention to manage chronic or ongoing health issues, including pain management.

    Description Of The Kensington


    The Kensington is an enhanced assisted living and memory care residence located in the heart of White Plains, New York. Residents do not have to move out of The Kensington if healthcare needs change or increase because we are able to offer a full spectrum of clinical support – they can truly age in place. For those with memory loss, The Kensington offers two levels of care in two specially designed neighborhoods – the only senior living in Westchester County to do this! Connections is for residents in the early to middle stages of memory loss. Haven is for residents in the middle to late stages. Feel free to contact us to learn how we can meet your loved one’s physical, cognitive, spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social needs.

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    Choosing Your Neighborhood At The Kensington White Plains

    To enhance our age in place concept, we offer two memory care neighborhoods. Connections, located on the 4th floor, is for residents who are in the early to middle stages of dementia and memory loss. There we help them live independently in home-like living spaces that foster a sense of familiarity. And as they do, we strive to maximize their abilities by making the most of their strengths.

    But if your loved one moves into middle to late stage dementia or memory loss, they can transition seamlessly into our Haven neighborhood, located on the 5th floor. There, theyll enjoy a higher level of assistance and care, with one care provider for every four residents. Its a safe environment where your loved one is free to stroll about the premises, under the watchful eye of our wander management technology.

    Both are cozy, intimate neighborhoods where our trained staff will work to meet them where they are, while always being aware that the memory loss process is different for everyone.

    You or your loved one can choose between one of five luxury suite floor plans that works best for your needs and comfort. They provide your choice of private or companion living, and pets are always welcome.

    About The Kensington At White Plains

    How to Approach the Search for Senior Care

    The Kensington is an enhanced assisted living and memory care residence located in the heart of White Plains, NY. It is the realization of a vision of passionate leaders in the senior living industry. This industrious group sought to develop a community that took the assisted living model of care to a higher level in an environment of comfortable elegance, staffed by loving professionals. They have accomplished just that. The Kensington is now an integral part of the White Plains community and is a lovely place many area seniors call home.

    The Kensington is licensed for enhanced assisted living, which means residents do not need to move out if assisted living health care needs change or increase because we are able to offer a full spectrum of clinical support. We believe the comfort of familiarity is precious, so our unique license enables us to offer care beyond what the traditional assisted living community can deliver.

    For those with Alzheimers or dementia, The Kensington offers two levels of care in specially designed neighborhoods. Connections is for residents in the early to middle stages of memory loss. Haven is for residents in the middle to late stages. We understand that memory loss is a family affair, so our multifaceted program is geared to support not only residents but also those who love them.

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    What Services Does Home Care Provide

    Whether family members, friends, agencies, or licensed home health care providers, most in-home senior care providers offer assistance with daily living activities, such as:

    • Personal hygiene
    • Light housekeeping

    In-home caregivers typically provide non-medical care services.

    However, they can help with medication management by reminding seniors to take the proper medications at the right time.

    Assisted Living Provides Opportunities For Social Improvement

    Were social creatures we benefit from our interaction with other people.

    Social isolation isnt just uncomfortable, it can negatively affect our mental health. At The Kensington White Plains, resident-led discussion groups, such as our womens In The News group, mens sports and news discussion groups, and general community trivia, history groups all contribute to increased socialization, conversation, and community involvement.

    And older adults living in social isolation face an increased risk of premature death from all causes, a 50% increased risk of dementia, and an increased risk of stroke and hospital emergency visits.

    Assisted living communities allow seniors to stay social and continue participating in favorite activities like meeting friends, attending church, family get-togethers, or other community-based activities.

    At The Kensington White Plains, residents can choose to participate in any number of activities such as

    • Resident-led book clubs
    • Trips to museums, and theaters

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    Assisted Living At The Kensington White Plains

    Welcome to The Kensington White Plains an assisted living community, where our team of dedicated professionals understands how important it is for many families to stay close by to senior loved ones who need care. We also understand how preserving the comfort of their loved ones routines helps make the care experience more pleasant for the whole family.

    We offer a level of care that exceeds what traditional assisted living communities can provide.

    Our Promise?

    To Love and Care for Your Family as We do Our Own

    Its central to what we do and who we are. Our promise is front and center at The Kensington, we even wear it on our name tags.

    Resident Care The Kensington Way

    Understanding Specialty Dementias: Symptoms, Communication Practices and Resources

    The Kensington White Plains weaves professional care in a heartfelt way into the everyday lives of residents. Were here to help if youre having difficulty deciphering what the best care options are for your medically or cognitively frail senior loved one, who can no longer stay at home. In fact, we accept very frail seniors the other communities dont, including those with severe end-stage dementia.

    A big part of this is our clinical staff. Our ratio of one caregiver for every four or five residents in Haven is the best caregiver-to-resident ratio in the Greater New York area.

    The Kensington offers a Physicians Office on-site with regular office hours. We also provide a full-time Director of Nursing, and a Wellness Director, both of whom are Registered Nurses. They coordinate all aspects of our residents nursing and medical care.

    In addition to our care managers, we have 12 nurses in the building every day, including four registered nurses. This includes seven nurses during day hours, and several overnight to assist our residents.

    If youre ever concerned or confused about medical care, we offer concierge services and care coordination for residents medical needs. This includes scheduling appointments with doctors, providing transportation to and from the appointment, and notifying family members before and after. For emergency hospital visits, the care manager accompanies your loved one to the hospital until family arrives.

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    Assisted Living Services Senior Care Retirement And Regulations Description

    Seniors and older adults in an assisted living facility like The Kensington usually need help with some basic daily needs. Assisted living facilities offer services like Independent Living, Personalized Assisted Living, and Memory Care for Alzheimers and Rehabilitation, Dementia, and Skilled Nursing. You will also receive assisted care with medication, mobility, meal preparation, eating, bathing, dressing and housekeeping. You can also find offers like Continuing Care Retirement Communities where residents can live without moving if they need nursing care. Most of the facilities are providing rehabilitation, fitness, educational programming for seniors, and health services to seniors.

    In general assisted living facilities like The Kensington require private pay in most cases. The assisted living is usually not covered by Medicare and Medicaid, exceptions can be met. What is the average price for assisted living and who pays for assisted living facilities are the general questions.

    What is the average price for assisted living?

    One-bedroom unit in an assisted living facility like The Kensington is $3,500, according to Cost of Care Survey by Genworth Financial Inc. That’s $42,000 per year for the basic program.

    Who pays for assisted living facilities?

    The pay for Assisted Living is in about $2,000 – $5,000 monthly. Some people that their insurance will pay. But it’s important to know that Medicare will not pay your assisted living.

    Thank you for your inquiry

    Enhanced Assisted Living And Acuity Care

    We promise to love and care for your family as we do our own.

    Moving a loved one to an assisted living community is an emotionally charged process with many moving parts. Our owners, leadership, and teamswho have worked in and around seniors for most of their careersnever met a family who wanted to endure the experience twice. So, from a place of deep understanding and in the spirit of thoughtful service, The Kensington White Plains obtained an enhanced assisted living license . Acuity care levels and individual needs are met with this licensing, and The Kensingtons approach.

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    Everything You Want To Know About Senior Living But Are Afraid To Ask

    Symptoms of MS include: tingling, numbness and painful sensations. Some people experience muscle weakness, poor balance, spasticity, or paralysis that may be temporary or permanent. Problems with bladder, bowel or sexual function are common, and inordinate fatigue is often a major source of disability. MS also causes cognitive changes such as short-term memory loss and trouble concentrating. MS may cause mood swings and depression. Symptoms vary greatly in type and severity from one person to another and often come and go unpredictably. The more severe form may cause dysphagia , silent aspiration , very limited mobility causing the person to become wheelchair bound with little or no arm and leg movement, and severe depression.

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