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Nursing Home Or Assisted Living

How Do I Arrange For Assisted Living Services

SeniorCare Education: Assisted Living or Nursing Home?

If you are interested in receiving assisted living services or know of someone who might be in need of these services, you can contact the home and community care office of your health authority or you can have a health care profession make a referral on your behalf.

For contact information and a detailed description of how to arrange for assisted living services, please see:

How Much Do Assisted Living Communities Cost

Assisted living costs vary by community, location, and services offered. Generally, assisted living which provides additional amenities and care services costs more than independent senior apartments. However, the difference between assisted living and nursing home costs is significant, since assisted living communities dont offer full-time medical care.

The median cost of assisted living in the United States in 2020 was $4,300 per month, according to Genworths most recent Cost of Care Survey.

Who Can Benefit From Nursing Home Care

The higher level of care offered in a skilled nursing facility versus an assisted living community makes nursing homes an ideal choice for seniors who require significant medical care in addition to companionship, assistance with ADLs, and on-site amenities. A nursing home may fit the needs of elderly loved ones who require a greater level of care. These seniors may:

  • Require constant care due to chronic conditions or deteriorating health
  • Be unable to feed themselves independently
  • Have significant mobility concerns
  • Have experienced an injury or fall and need significant rehabilitation
  • Have progressive conditions, like Parkinsons disease or MS
  • Require regular injections for diabetes or other conditions

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Assisted Living Vs Nursing Homes

If youre just getting started on the search for the right home for your senior loved one, dont worry if you begin to feel overwhelmed by the all the different options you have. Even if youve never heard of an assisted living home or nursing home, Senior Care Center is here to help you sort through the various options you have to find the right place. If youd like to know everything there is to know about assisted living, check out our articles on assisted living.

Both assisted living and nursing homes are forms of senior homes offering long-term care, everything from assistance with activities of daily living to looking after serious health conditions. However, if youre debating which one is right place for your loved one, note that there are some big differences between the two.

Difference Between Assisted Living And Nursing Homes

Assisted Care Home Characteristics

When it comes to finding senior care, todays options are limitless. From independent living to skilled nursing care, todays senior living industry offers a plethora of lifestyles. We are here to help you sort through the options and find the best community for you and your loved one.

Two of the most common types of senior living are assisted living communities and nursing homes, also known as skilled nursing facilities. At first glance, these two options may appear to have a lot in common but with differences in payment options, level of care, and amenities offered, the two care options are very different. We invite you to take a second look at how the two differ while thinking through which one suits your needs best.

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How Do I Decide Between Assisted Living Vs Nursing Homes

Senior housing is a life-changing decision. Its important to consider all the factors in order to find the best fit for you or your loved one. Some key considerations include:

  • Your health, i.e. need for specialized care
  • Your safety when unsupervised
  • Your level of isolation or loneliness
  • Your insurance and finances

All of these factors play a role in deciding what senior housing may be best. You should carefully analyze each area and understand your priorities.

Assisted Living Vs Nursing Home: Costs

Comparing the costs of residential-style assisted living and intermediate care nursing homes reveals that the nursing homes are much more expensive. The national average price of nursing homes last year was over $7100 per month for a semi-private room and over $8100 for a private room, as compared to just $3750 national average for assisted living facilities. It is because nursing homes have to offer intensive skilled nursing as well as related care at all times, thus their personnel costs are much higher. Nurses and visiting doctors, as well as pharmacists are more expensive to keep on staff.

Remember that nursing homes provide a cost-effective option that enables patients with acute illnesses, injuries, and post-operative care needs to recover well in a different environment from the ones that hospitals offer. Hospitals cost more than nursing homes for any sort of long-term stay.

A majority of the skilled nursing centers also use billing models that the hospitals use. The residents may pay flat rates on a daily basis to stay in semi-private rooms just like medical institutions. Additional supplies and services will also appear on the bill, if the patient requires any such services.

Some assisted living facilities disregard the above options and go for a fee for services billing model. It means that residents pay a flat fee for rent and meals expenses and they receive all other services at an additional charge.

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Are There Other Options

If independent living is the goal, you may find it more appealing or more cost-effective to use home health aides or assistants to help care for an older adult at home.

Another increasingly popular option is shared housing, in which older adults live together or with a younger person. This may help keep down housing costs, while also staving off loneliness and isolation.

For people who want companionship but dont need extensive medical care, board-and-care homes may be an option.

Board-and-care homes are smaller residential settings where several older adults live in a single home with a caregiver on site.

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Assisted living provides extensive entertainment and social activities including laundry, housekeeping, and food. Nursing homes provide limited comprehensive entertainment and social activities including laundry, housekeeping, and food.
Residents Assisted living facilities can provide space for almost 300 residents. The average of assisted living is 50 individuals. A nursing home can provide space for almost 100 residents at a time. Even smaller nursing homes exist.
Type of Residence Assisted living also facilitates private or shared rooms as well as apartments, quarters, and outside grounds for a walk. Nursing homes offer private rooms as well as shared rooms. The area of residence is usually small.
Additional names Other names that are used for assisted living are Senior Living Communities and Adult Foster Care. Other names that are used for a nursing home are Skilled Nursing Facilities, Intermediate Care, and Nursing Facilities.

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What Are The Assisted Living Eligibility Criteria

In addition to the general eligibility criteria for home and community care services, to be eligible for assisted living services, you must:

  • require both hospitality services and personal care services
  • be able to make decisions on your own behalf that will allow you to function safely in an assisted living residence, or have a spouse who is going to live with you and is willing and able to make decisions on your behalf
  • be at significant risk in remaining in your current living environment and
  • have agreed to pay the assessed client rate and any additional optional charges for services, programs or supplies that are not included as a benefit but are offered by the service provider.

To read the general eligibility criteria for all home and community care services, go to:

Difference Between Assisted Living And Nursing Home

Chara YadavFact Checked

With the increase of modernization, human life became very busy. It becomes hard to take care of their loved ones. To solve this problem facilities like assisted living and nursing homes are introduced.

They provide skilled people to help old and disabled people in their normal life activities. Now, these services are available almost in every country.

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Main Differences Between Assisted Living And Nursing Home

  • Nursing homes are for those individuals that require daily Medical examinations while assisted living can be helpful for those individuals who need personal care.
  • In nursing homes, nurses provide necessary aid to the people while in assisted living, trained people are sent to help the person.
  • Nursing homes offer private and shared rooms for people while Assisted Living can provide an apartment for the person in need.
  • The space given in Nursing homes can accommodate around 100 people while the space of assisted living can have almost 300 people.
  • The number of recreational activities organized by nursing homes is quite less. On the other hand, in assisted living, various recreational activities are organized.
  • How Much Do Skilled Nursing Facilities Cost

    The Benefits of Working in a Nursing Home

    Nursing home costs vary by location, state funding, and not-for-profit status. Skilled nursing facilities are generally more expensive than other senior living communities, since residents require more help with medical needs and personal care.

    The cost difference between assisted living and nursing home care is significant. The median monthly cost of nursing homes in the U.S. is about $7,989 for a semi-private room and $9,086 for a private room, according to Genworth.

    Unlike many assisted living communities, nursing homes can often be paid for using government assistance for lower-income residents.

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    Determining The Right Choice Of Senior Care

    When a seniors medical needs require full-time nursing care or access to services that are more hospital-like than those found in assisted living, a skilled nursing community may be the right choice. Many seniors move to a skilled nursing setting following a hospital stay. Another determining factor to moving to a higher level of care is mobility. Those seniors who are non-weight bearing and require assistance of two staff members for transfers cannot be accommodated in assisted living.

    When a resident becomes a danger to themselves or to others is also a reason to move to skilled nursing care. Families may find they regret not moving a loved one into skilled nursing care sooner where there is 24/7 attention, especially if the senior begins falling or is hospitalized regularly.

    Assisted Living: Maintaining Some Independence

    An assisted living facility, also known as a residential care center, is a model of care for older adults that is primarily centered around a social model. This particular model of care includes providing recreational activities like yoga, movie nights, card games and other interests. Also included in this model is the overall upkeep of the facilitys appearance, as well as the dining and food services offered.

    These types of services are the focal points of most assisted living facilities, White says.

    Help with daily activities

    Assisted living facilities provide assistance with instrumental activities of daily living, such as providing meals and activities and help with medication, as well as a safe living environment. Assisted living facilities do not usually offer support with tasks like bathing, using the bathroom or getting dressed.

    They may provide some assistance in that direction, but not that amount of hands-on assistance that a nursing home provides, White says. For this reason, assisted living facilities tend to be cheaper than nursing homes because they provide a different kindand a different levelof care.

    Costs and accommodations

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    Kron On Is Streaming Live News Now

    Maxwell leaves eight children and 20 grandchildren behind. The family was dismayed after Maxwell broke her hip due to a fall at the facility sometime in the past six months. When Maxwell was examined for that fall, an x-ray revealed that she had broken the hip twice in the past six months, but one had not been reported or treated, according to Cutchin.

    Cutchin says that her family originally chose this facility because of its good reputation.

    That facility was very highly regarded and very expensive. You do those things to ensure that theres a higher level of care, she said.

    Cutchin says that there needs to be a better system of checks to protect people in facilities like Atria, including installing more cameras.

    At any time people are allowed to act with impunity, there needs to be cameras, she told KRON4.

    KRON4 reached out to Atria Senior Living and received the following statement in response:

    At this time, San Mateo Police are investigating the incident jointly with the California Department of Social Services Ombudsman. Police say Atria Hillsdale is cooperating with the investigation. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Sergeant Detective Paul Pak at 650-522-7660 or .

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    What Are Nursing Homes

    Preparing Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities for COVID-19

    Nursing homes, also called skilled nursing facilities, provide a wide range of health and personal care services. Their services focus on medical care more than most assisted living facilities. These services typically include nursing care, 24-hour supervision, three meals a day, and assistance with everyday activities. Rehabilitation services, such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy, are also available.

    Some people stay at a nursing home for a short time after being in the hospital. After they recover, they go home. However, most nursing home residents live there permanently because they have ongoing physical or mental conditions that require constant care and supervision.

    To look for and compare nursing homes in your area, see Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare. Also get tips for choosing a nursing home.

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    Daily Support With Activities Such As Bathing Dressing And Medication Management

    This assistance helps you to feel safer, less alone and more independent. It may reduce family friction if your children are concerned about you living alone. It can also help reduce your risk of falls and other health challenges by offering you the support you need rather than leaving you to struggle on your own.

    Determining If It Is Time For Assisted Living

    An assisted living community is a good choice for a senior who needs additional support with their activities of daily living . These activities may include dressing, showering, grooming, and toileting. Assisted living communities also provide socialization opportunities through events, programs, and excursions that make it easy to connect with neighbors and explore the greater community.

    It might be time to explore assisted living if you or your loved one:

    • Feels lonely, isolated, depressed, or anxious.
    • Struggles with nutritional needs, such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, or healthy eating.
    • Needs a helping hand when it comes to daily personal care or household upkeep.

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    Why Is Assisted Living Not Just A Euphemism For Nursing Home

    Youve spent a lifetime mastering new skills, growing in wisdom and helping others. So it can be frustrating to find that, at a time in your life when you have more experience and wisdom than ever before, people talk down to you with euphemisms and elderspeak. So it may be tempting to assume that assisted living is just a euphemism for a nursing home.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. Assisted living is actually an alternative to the nursing homes of the past, which frequently prioritized medical care without considering the importance of agency, independence and emotional well-being. Assisted living communities understand that physical and mental well-being are inextricably linked and strongly emphasize both.

    Some of the many benefits youll enjoy include:

    • High-quality programming to keep your body and mind active, support deeper social connections and ensure the next chapter of your life is highly fulfilling.
    • Exceptional meal options, including gourmet dining that can be tailored to a variety of nutritional needs and preferences no more all-day meal preparation or boring recipes!
    • Numerous living options. Choose from a range of apartment homes that cater to your unique needs.
    • Staying with your spouse. If you and your spouse have different needs, assisted living is an ideal choice that can meet you both where you are, then adapt as your needs evolve.

    Is There A Cost For Assisted Living Services

    What Are the Costs of Assisted Living in Arizona?

    If you receive publicly subsidized assisted living services, you will pay a monthly rate based on your income , subject to a minimum and maximum monthly rate. Your monthly rate is calculated by multiplying your after tax income by 70 per cent. For more information, please see:

    For 2022, the minimum monthly rate for a single client receiving assisted living services is $1,070.90 per month.

    If you and your spouse are living together in an assisted living unit, your monthly client rate will be calculated based on the income of both you and your spouse, subject to a minimum and maximum monthly rate. Your monthly rate will be recalculated if your living situation changes for any reason and you are no longer living with your spouse. For 2022, the minimum monthly rate for a couple living together in an assisted living unit is $1,631.20 per month per couple.

    The maximum monthly rate for publicly subsidized assisted living services is based on the market rent for housing and hospitality services for the geographic area where you live, as well as the actual cost of personal care services you receive. For more information on the maximum monthly rate, please contact your health authority.

    For more general information on the costs of publicly subsidized home and community care services in B.C., please see:

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