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Pathways Assisted Living & Memory Care

Park Senior Villas Goodyear

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Community Description

Park Senior Villas Goodyear is a unique assisted living, memory care, respite care, and behavioral care neighborhood offering exceptional senior care services in a comfortable residential setting.

As an assisted living Goodyear AZ community, these 6, 500 square foot homes are clustered around a beautiful park-like courtyard creating a warm and secure residential setting for residents. Whether providing a long-term home or a short respite care stay, a dedicated team of certified caregivers provide personalized care for residents and peace of mind to their families.

This senior living community and neighborhood setting offers an enriching environment that allows residents to do as much as they can for themselves in order to maintain their independence. However, as elder care needs change, the dedicated staff are here to lovingly assist. Park Senior Villas Goodyear’s intimate setting truly feels like home with the added support of 24 hour/day caregivers always nearby.

Assisted Living Vs Memory Care: 6 Key Differences

As our loved ones advance in age, it becomes tasking to care for them, especially when they have health issues, including cognitive impairments such as Alzheimers disease. They struggle to live safely and manage typical activities of daily living at home, making it difficult for us to leave them unsupervised. A possible solution to this could be to hire a live-in nanny, who has little or no training in elderly care, to cater to their needs. This will take the work off our hands but, it wont be beneficial to our elderly loved ones especially if they experiencing memory problems.

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Thats where a long-term care facility comes into play. They offer supportive care provided by well-trained staff, healthcare, a relaxing & safe environment, and so much more. But figuring out what type of facility is right for our loved ones can be challenging. Knowing the differences between the various types will prove helpful in our search for the best option.

In this article, you shall get an insight on 2 popular and fast-growing senior living communities assisted living and memory care facilities , starting with overviews on what these are and finishing off with 6 major differences between them.

Memory Care Features & Treatments

  • What type of living arrangements do they provide cottages, apartment or neighborhood style?
  • Do they offer a special memory care dining program?
  • Do they have circular walking paths for residents?
  • Does the community group residents by their cognitive level?
  • Do they offer pet therapy / music therapy / reminiscence therapy?
  • Does the community provide Parkinsons care / vascular dementia care?
  • Does the community have an assisted living to Alzheimers care bridge program for early stage patients?

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Whats The Main Difference Between Assisted Living And Memory Care

The main difference between assisted living and memory care lies in safety features and programming. Most memory care facilities are locked and secure. Assisted living communities allow people the freedom to leave the building when they want.

Both memory care and assisted living offer all meals, transportation, activities, medication management, and housekeeping. Both also sometimes offer in house physician services. Many assisted living communities allow residents the flexibility to schedule meal times. Memory care meal times are scheduled at the same time every day to reinforce structure and routine.

The higher staff-to-resident ratio in memory care allows staff to monitor residents more easily. Innovative changes in memory care design seek to accommodate people who like to wander by giving them circular pathways, as people with dementia often are frustrated by dead-end hallways.

Other design elements include pictures and artifacts in hallways for residents to stop, look, and interact with. The focus of these design features is to ultimately reduce any agitation or anxious feelings.

Memory care recreational activities focus on music, art, and smaller groups. Many residents feel less anxious in smaller, more contained groups. One-on-one activities are not unusual if a resident needs that.

Staff in memory care are also specifically trained to deal with people who have dementia. They understand the unique behaviors and needs of memory care residents.

The Differences Between Memory Care Vs Assisted Living Vs Nursing Homes


With so many different levels of care, it can be confusing throughout your search for what suits your loved one best. The difference between memory care vs. assisted living vs. nursing homes can be particularly confusing in terms of what each offers to residents.

Memory care is typically for people with more advanced cognitive impairments, such as Alzheimers disease. These individuals require specially-trained care professionals and a safe, structured environment, including secured doors to protect those with exit-seeking behaviors.

At GreenField Terrace, part of The GreenFields Continuing Care Community in Lancaster, NY, three of the four houses are specifically for memory care. Each house contains 12 rooms, allowing for more individualized care and attention to each person. Residents at GreenField Terrace have mild to moderate dementia, says Lori Hannon, Senior Living Director at The GreenFields. They are relatively independent, but need reminders to give them direction on their daily living activities.

Memory Care vs. Assisted Living

Comparatively, assisted living for seniors is for assistance with daily activities, but not medical/nursing care. This may include activities such as bathing, dressing, or grooming. Typically, assisted living residents are able to move around independently. Whether it be with a cane, walker, or wheelchair, and transfer and toilet independently.

Memory Care vs. Nursing Homes

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Memory Alzheimer’s And Dementia Care Costs

Memory care is more intensive than other types of senior care programs, although not always medically intensive. It involves around the clock supervision and specialized facilities to deal with various issues.

Memory care costs depend on a number of factors, including the location of the memory care facility and amenities provided. The best way to know the cost of memory care is to learn more about the memory care facilities in your area.

With this in mind, lets have a closer look at memory care costs.

Use the following tool to figure out memory care cost details by state and region. The tool displays average costs for different types of memory care services.

Type of care
5 400 $

Description Of Pathways Assisted Living & Memory Care

Welcome to Pathways Assisted Living & Memory Care Neighborhood. Our inviting senior living community offers residents the comfort and convenience of a hassle-free lifestyle free from the burdens of home ownership. Located in the city of Goodyear, we provide a variety of on-site services to help our residents enjoy their stay to the fullest. In addition, we provide a choice amount of amenities to promote a relaxing experience for individuals residing at our community. Accommodations come in a selection of options. Depending on the individual, Pathways Assisted Living & Memory Care Neighborhood could be the perfect fit for seniors seeking senior living options in or around Goodyear, Arizona.

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The Assisted Living Community Requires It

You might be shocked to get a call from the assisted living director, informing you that your family member needs to move to memory care. You may assume that they seem to be doing fine. It is well within an assisted living communitys right to recommend a move. But before leaping to a decision, find out what the real issues are. Depending on the situation, you might be able to solve the problem without a move. Here are some suggested solutions to problems.

  • Your loved one needs more help with hygiene and dressing
  • Solution: Hire caregivers to take some of the stress away from assisted living staff. If cost is a concern, talk to your family about taking shifts to help with some of these tasks.
  • Social isolation
  • Solution: Hire caregivers to accompany your loved one to activities or on outings. Discuss as a family visiting more often. Activities directors may be willing to offer one-on-one attention to people who are anxious about participation.
  • Inappropriate behaviors
  • Solution: Talk to your family members doctor about possible medications that could bring relief. In some cases, inappropriate behavior is a sign of distress or pain. Do what you can to identify the causes of the behavior.
  • Wandering
  • Solution: GPS systems are becoming more sophisticated all of the time. Some will allow programming of a pre-set boundary that will notify the caregiver if the wearer goes outside that boundary.
  • What Services Are Provided In Memory Care Facilities

    Alden Courts of Waterford Memory Care Assisted Living

    Most memory care communities offer the same services found in an assisted living setting, such as:

    • Semiprivate or private accommodations in an apartment-style suite with an en suite bathroom
    • Three daily meals served restaurant-style, plus snacks and beverages throughout the day
    • Housekeeping, personal laundry and linen services
    • Daily social and recreational activities, such as fitness classes, organized games, Bible study groups and escorted day trips
    • In-house medical alert systems
    • Some assistance with activities of daily living, including dressing, grooming and transferring

    In addition to the services provided at most assisted living facilities, memory care communities also offer:

    • Daily group and individual therapeutic recreational programming, such as brain games that are specifically designed to slow the progression of memory loss
    • 24/7 security
    • Anti-wandering systems such as WanderGuard, a wireless wearable tracking device that lets caregivers monitor the exact location of each resident
    • A relatively low staff-to-resident ratio
    • Help with activities of daily living
    • Family support groups

    Each memory care facility offers its own unique range of services. Some offer enhanced services including on-site physical, occupational and speech-language therapy, on-site physicians services and escorts to local medical appointments.

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    Challenge The Status Quo

    The word is spreading as Pathway to Living currently operates 49 senior living communities. We meet people at their personal crossroads. And together, we decide which style of living is most suitable â whether it be Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care. Whatever Pathway someone finds themselves on, weâll meet them there.

    Alzheimers Care In Nursing Homes

    As the disease progresses or additional health problems arise, your loved one may require more intense medical care and/or around-the-clock supervision. When this happens, you may need to consider a move to a nursing home.

    Nurses, health care providers and health aides often are on-site 24/7 at nursing homes. This means your loved one will be able to receive all the assistance and support they need with everything from daily activities to complex medical care.

    Some services and amenities offered by nursing homes with memory care include:

    • 24/7 medical care: Round-the-clock supervision by support staff and medical professionals sets nursing homes apart from most other senior living options.
    • Housing: Residents often live in shared or private rooms.
    • Dining and nutrition services: All meals and snacks are usually provided.
    • Personal care: Nursing homes provide assistance with daily tasks such as bathing, grooming, showering, eating and transfers.
    • Security: Memory units at nursing homes are often locked to prevent wandering.
    • Activities: On-site recreation is often available.
    • Trained staff: Employees at nursing homes should be trained to handle the behavioral issues that tend to arise with dementia.

    The combination of round-the-clock supervision and specialized medical care makes nursing homes expensive, though. The nationwide average for nursing home care is $7,756 per month for a shared room and $8,821 per month for a private room.


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    We Celebrate Our Community

    You will see something different happening when you visit one of our communities. People are excited about life and the road â the pathway â ahead. Every day, team members are committed to creating memorable moments in their community, families are seeing their loved ones find purpose and residents aren’t just crossing items off their bucket list, but theyâre adding to it. Thatâs VIVA!, the award-winning philosophy that values every stage of life and focuses on an overall sense of wellbeing. VIVA! is at the forefront of everything we do. Itâs a way of life that inspires a sense of meaning and purpose. We simply believe that every year of your life should be the best year yet no goal or dream is too big, lofty or far-fetched to reach.

    Create the life you want to live at Pathway to Living.

    Ways Technology Will Improve Elder Care

    Pathways Assisted Living &  Memory Care

    Detecting health problems early is a major factor in elder care. Heres how technology will play a part.

    • Skilled Nursing Care

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    Pathways Assisted Living & Memory Care

    Memory care or dementia care facilities are especially designed to care for people who have been diagnosed with memory loss and need help with activities of daily living . Memory care environments are intended for those that need help with ADLs, such as bathing, feeding, grooming and dressing, but still want a level of independence. They provide a safe and secure living environment with professional staff that is trained to care for those with memory loss. Memory care units have 24-hour support staff and are usually on a locked and alarmed premise to assure no one wanders off. Dementia facilities will have common areas for meals, activities and socialization. Daily activities are planned that help residents with their memory. Often the daily activities are specially developed to allow residents to associate with some of their favorite interests or hobbies.

    In general, basic services provided by all memory care communities will include:

    • Private or semi-private rooms in a secured area designed to keep residents safe from wandering

    • Daily meal preparation

    • Medication management and assistance with taking medication

    • Exercise and physical therapy activities

    • Recreational and social activities

    Memory Care Availability And Occupancy Rates

    As of January 2019, occupancy in U.S. seniors housing facilities, including memory care housing, averaged 88.0% in the fourth quarter of 2018. It rose up only 0.1 percentage point from the prior quarter and down 0.7 percentage in the past year. The current occupancy rate is 2.2 percentage points below the most recent high of 90.2% in the fourth quarter of 2014.

    Around 14.3% of total assisted living units in the USA have a dementia care unit, wing or floor designated, while only 8.7% of these facilities serve adults with dementia.

    According to 2018 CMHC Regional Seniors Housing Report, in some areas, including Quebec, the vacancy rates for senior care spaces, including memory care facilities, decreased. On the other hand, in provinces such as Ontario, the number remained unchanged, while areas like Alberta and Manitoba experienced growth.

    In Ontario, the vacancy rate dropped to a record low of 9.9% from 10.3% last year. In Alberta, the overall vacancy rate for a standard space senior housing decreased from 15.4% in 2018 to 13.8% in 2019. The standard vacancy rate in Calgary reduced from 18.9% to 15.0%, while Edmonton rose from 9.1% to 9.7%.

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    Questions About Infinite Pathways Care Home And Memory Care

    Describe the overall population of assisted living residents at Infinite Pathways Care Home and Memory Care. What is their average age? What are their favorite things to do?

    Average age is between 70 and 80. Movie night is the favorite. They also enjoy painting.

    What programs or activities does Infinite Pathways Care Home and Memory Care offer to enrich residents’ well-being?

    We have fun activities scheduled throughout the day. We also have a beautiful patio to enjoy the outdoors.

    What places are near Infinite Pathways Care Home and Memory Care or within walking distance for assisted living residents to enjoy?

    There is a senior activity center with a large park within walking distance.

    What transportation services does Infinite Pathways Care Home and Memory Care offer to assisted living residents?

    We can arrange transportation if needed with a company like Veyo.

    What makes the chef or dining program at Infinite Pathways Care Home and Memory Care exceptional? What kind of menu can assisted living residents expect?

    We offer nutritionally balanced meals with variety. Three meals and two snacks a day.

    What safety features or security measures does Infinite Pathways Care Home and Memory Care offer to assisted living residents?

    We have cameras in common areas and a security alarm on all exit doors.

    What is the care staff-to-resident ratio at Infinite Pathways Care Home and Memory Care during daytime and nighttime hours?

    What ongoing senior care training does the staff receive?

    About Pathways Assisted Living & Memory Care

    Pathway to Living

    Welcome to Pathways Assisted Living & Memory Care, an intimate board and care home in Goodyear, AZ. Pathways Assisted Living & Memory Care is located at 4211 North Pebble Creek Parkway , and offers assisted living and memory care to older adults.

    We know that price is an important factor in choosing a board and care home, and Pathways Assisted Living & Memory Care pricing starts at $4,185 per month, which is above $4,000, the estimated average monthly cost of board and care communities in Goodyear, AZ.

    As you evaluate pricing, keep in mind that residents can expect to receive a higher staff-to-resident ratio at a board and care home, compared to that of a larger assisted living community. Pathways Assisted Living & Memory Care offers 24-hour non-medical care, medication management, and assistance with activities of daily living , including eating, bathing, grooming, and transferring from beds or chairs. Pathways Assisted Living & Memory Care staff create a personalized care plan for each resident, and residents can take comfort in the routine of seeing the same friendly staff faces each week . The expert team at Pathways Assisted Living & Memory Care will also arrange transportation for residents, and provide laundry and housekeeping services.

    Pathways Assisted Living & Memory Care is licensed in the state of Arizona as a “personal care home.”

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