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Scheduling Software For Assisted Living Facilities

Syncing With Iphones And Mobile Devices

Staff scheduling for long-term care and assisted living facilities

To stay up to date with the latest schedule changes, Intrigma Scheduler allows every staff member to synchronize their personal schedule with their mobile device and calendar software.

Intrigma is a leader in physician scheduling software. Were focused on reducing costs, saving time, and improving staff morale for physicians, medical groups, hospitals, and nurses.

Streamline Scheduling With Our Easy

Healthcare is hard enough without staff scheduling headaches. Every minute supervisors spend wrestling with inefficient and outdated scheduling systems means less time for what matters mostâpatient care. Every day, thousands of managers simplify their staff scheduling with ScheduleAnywhere. No other nurse scheduling software compares to ScheduleAnywhere when it comes to ease of use, functionality and affordability.

Built Specifically For You And Your Assisted Living Teamcustomized Solutions For Your Needs

From scheduling three-shift days to automated reporting, its all easier with SmartLinx. Our software is customizable to your needs and ready to meet senior care-specific operational requirements.

Manage key tasks like the following with the robust features and capabilities of our intuitive platform:

  • Handle PPD census and acuity seamlessly.
  • Serve employees HR needs, offering an accessible platform for them to get prompt assistance.
  • Create auditable, accurate PBJ reports in minutes.
  • Manage shifts with tools to proactively identify openings and fill them without incurring employee overtime.

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What To Look For In A Potential Ehr Software Vendor

EMRs include several types of software based on specific applications or functionalities:

Cloud-based EMR Software

Small doctor offices benefit the most from cloud-based EMR software technology since minimum to no upfront cost or maintenance is required. Secondly, accessing EHR Software is possible from any location, given the availability of internet access. This type of software is also device dependent in most cases and can be accessed using devices such as Smartphones , iPhones, iPads, laptops, and desktop computers. The move to the public cloud for healthcare is vital in the current changing landscape. For practices that dont adopt new cloud services, the old inferior feature-set coupled with the higher prices will hinder the business dramatically. This gulf between the old software and the new cloud-based software will only grow more exponentially as time goes on.

Mac EMR Software

Apple dominates the digital devices and computer market in the US today, so it is no surprise that many providers are specifically looking for their EMR Software vendor to support Mac Operating System . Not all vendors today work on a Mac device, so looking for a vendor with native support for Mac devices is essential to ensure that the software performs on existing hardware at the practice and does not require more investment in computer systems.

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Menus for Assisted Living Facilities

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Improves rdnt satisfaction

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Benefits Of Nursing Home Management Software

by Cindy Wong | Jun 14, 2022 | Blog |

Modern technological advancementslike point of care testing devices, remote patient monitoring, and Artificial Intelligence have steadily accelerated the speed and precision of healthcare, allowing caregivers to effectively provide better care and spend more quality time with their patients. And this trend has been especially the case during the COVID-19 pandemic with several medical technologies that have been implemented on a mass scale.

One crucial form of such healthcare technology is nursing home management software, which works on various levelsclinically, financially, and operationallyso healthcare providers like long term care facilities can provide more patient-centered care while improving their workflow efficiency and the accuracy of their financial accounts.

Seamless Assisted Living Scheduling Software

Create the ideal schedule every time, enjoy daily unit assignment capability, review totals by PPD or by hours, and more. Youll be able to manage all your assisted living scheduling requirements with automatic schedule generation and real-time updates when you need them. Whatever shifts youre filling and whichever staff youre scheduling, our seamless software puts control at your fingertips with a user-friendly, efficient system that keeps everyone across the facility on the same page.

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Which Software Is Best For Scheduling

Agendrix offers a number of specialized features designed to help managers in the assisted living industry make the best of their limited resources. Agendrix can specifically help you:

  • Keep track of overtime to cut costs
  • Use open shifts to quickly find replacements
  • Plan and keep track of whos on break, when, and for how long
  • Schedule while keeping an eye on hourly labor costs and your budget
  • Use schedule templates to easily reuse fixed or rotating schedules week after week
  • Manage several locations and departments conveniently through dedicated schedules
  • Export timesheets to payroll conveniently through integrations with commonly used payroll systems
  • Create and assign customizable premiums for specific work conditions such as night shifts, remote work, or on call
  • Turn an existing device into a punch clock terminal that records clock-in/clock-out right in the online timesheets.

Agendrix is not limited to assisted living facilities however.

Benefits Of Assisted Living Facility Software And Nursing Home Management Software

OneClickSchedule Introduction (full)

Modern nursing home software is cloud-based with digitized data rather than traditional paper documentation, which proved inaccurate and caused unnecessary medical errors.

While medical technology has advanced and with it assisted living facility software, some long term care leaders may still be hesitant to adopt an electronic system of documentation. Thus, it is worthwhile reviewing the benefits of using nursing home management software:

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The Trusted Name In The Senior Care Industry

From our roots in senior care to our present-day innovations, we’re the software solution facilities across the industry trust to help them to more efficiently manage workflow, engage employees, and provide optimal care for residents. Thousands of facilities provide better care thanks to SmartLinx, including:

Let’s Clear The Path For Better Senior Care

At SmartLinx, we deliver optimized solutions for healthcare operations. Let us partner with you to address your assisted living management needs. When you choose our solutions, you’ll be able to optimize your team’s efficiency and ensure trusted care for your residents with systems tailored to your industry’s requirements. For more information, contact us for a product demo today.

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Snap Schedule Scheduling Capabilities

Snap Schedule Employee Scheduling Software helps nursing homes and long-term care facilities meet these challenges.It is packed with powerful employee scheduling features and gives you instant accessto key decision-making criteria, including staffing requirements, regular, overtimeand on-call hours, labor costs, employee skills and certifications, employee availabilityand preferences, and more.

What Is Assisted Living Software

Senior Programs

Assisted living software is technology that provides a range of functions to ensure that a living facility runs smoothly. It serves as a centralized portal for organizing and tracking daily operations, and often includes functions such as staff scheduling, storage for patient documentation, reporting, and much more.

Assisted living facilities require software solutions to manage the wellbeing, security, and satisfaction of their residents. It can be an extremely effective communication tool to improve the quality of life for residents, as well as to increase the quality of the services delivered. Assisted living software also helps senior care facilities with personnel scheduling, resource allocation optimization, and documentation of services. Moreover, a comprehensive software ensures compliance with health and safety regulations, and acts as a database through which electronic health and medical records may be stored and accessed.

Ultimately, a good assisted living software makes it possible for owners and managers to focus more on people instead of logistics, keeping the details in one convenient and accessible location for easy reference. It should also work to improve a residents satisfaction and properly manage their wellbeing in your assisted living community. A few of the ways a software can accomplish this is through:

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Collaboration & Change Management

Collaborate on tasks and projects in a single tool. Easily monitor all project updates, and restore previous versions of tasks with one click.

Clarity & Accountability

Work from a single system and codify knowledge to make your team more efficient. Use project templates and custom request forms to deliver consistent results each time.

Real-Time Visibility

Complete transparency into the status of your teams work gives you the peace of mind of knowing where everything stands. Identify problems early and monitor progress without having to ask for updates.

The structure and flexibility you need to be a productive, Agile powerhouse

Get more done with Wrike

Wrike is a SaaS work management solution that meets the needs of your entire team

Leading ompanies hoose Wrike

Break down team silos. Set up workflows for projects to notify task owners when they should begin work.

Live editing, task comments, document sharing, and versioning simplify collaboration and reduce rework.

Get ideas out of your head so you don’t lose them. For your next campaign, duplicate a project template and you’re ready to go.

High-performance Marketing Teams Run on Wrike

Get real-time visibility into everything your team is working on

Brilliant creative teams run on Wrike

Creative teams spend up to 50% of their time managing projects, tasks, deadlines, and people, leaving little time to do what they really love CREATE. Reclaim your creative time with Wrike.

Creative Teams

Skill & Certification Tracking

  • Ensure consistency in staffing and track certification of employees.
  • Keep complete records of available nurses who may be permanent, full-time or part-time staff, float or per-diem staff, agancy, or contract staff.
  • Systematically track credentials and monitor expiration of or renewal dates for certification.
  • Use Snap Schedules 25 customizable fields in each employee record to track information that is unique to your operation.

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Common Features Of Senior Living Management Systems

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Users n activities f daily living – used fr patient move-in and pre-admission assessments, and rd reviews tdjut r lvl.

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Allw staff thdul medical ntmnt for resident tnt. Urn nt only mknd edit ntmnt, but l search nd fnd hduld appointments.

Users can real-time rrt n rdnt nu, occupancy, bllng ummr, move-ins, mv-ut, rt, etc.

Allw users tutmt repetitive nd rrr-rn bllng tk. Th ftur hlrt vrf patients insurance vrg, ubmt lmltrnll, nd mrv collections.

Ur can tur and trk leads, and mng follow-up communications.

One Software To Manage Your Entire Senior Care Facility

ECP Assisted Living Software Helps You Manage Your Community

There are a lot of things you need your maintenance software to do in order to effectively manage a senior living facility. When you choose Maintenance Care as your CMMS, you dont need to worry, because our software can perform all of the tasks youre looking for . Our CMMS for senior living facility will streamline day by making it easy to create and track work orders, schedule preventative maintenance, track asset lifecycle, and check inventory. Plus, your team can view tasks directly from our mobile app , saving them time and increasing your maintenance ROI.

Our CMMS Services Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Independent Living/Senior Living, Assisted Living, Long Term Care/Skilled Nursing, and Hospice.

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Get Up & Running In Days Notmonths

ScheduleAnywhere is healthcare scheduling software that is easyto use and easy to implement. Our nurse scheduling software andmobile app include everything you’ll need to schedule andcommunicate with your nursing staff quickly and efficiently. Yourdepartment, facility or organization can be up and running in days,not months.

Cost & Pricing Considerations

360 Market Updates projects that the assisted living software market will grow by $320 million, at a rate of 15%, between 2020 and 2024. When it comes to software pricing, several factors come into play. The first and foremost thing you need to evaluate is the size of your practice. Is it a care facility, nursing home or a small regional medical service startup? Choose the application that aligns with your clinics needs and is compatible with your existing systems.

To that end, ask yourself why is it absolutely necessary to purchase a new product? Is the old one causing too many lags and downtimes? Are you having trouble providing services seamlessly? Only after answering these questions will you gain an insight into your current condition. You need to have a clear picture of what you want your new platform to do.


A new assisted living software can cost a serious amount of cash. Its essential that you cut your coat according to your cloth. Before you go shopping, sit back and chart out the functions you need the new system to fulfill. In addition, acquire brochures from vendors to get an idea of prices and select a range you can afford.


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Assisted Living Care Is Evolving So Are We Our Evolving Assisted Living Software

As thought leaders and advisors in senior care, we make meeting future challenges head on a priority. That means we continue developing solutions to address whats next for Assisted Living providers and are to providing you with the support and insight you need to navigate future issues. Our goal is to help you keep your focus on providing your residents and quality care by handling the details of running the business.

Assisted living care is a fast-paced industry, and were dedicated to evolving with it as we deliver innovative solutions for modern requirements. Proactively addressing future challenges is essential for us as we offer partnership in senior care. We continue to create solutions that meet critical needs in assisted living, focusing on providing the resources and support you need as the industry continues to change.

Whatever your requirements, were here to handle administration and management details so you can prioritize what matters mostproviding high-quality care for your residents.

Common Features Of Long

Photos of Elk River Senior Living
Clinical/electronic medical records Long-term care EMR software automates clinical documentation by providing digital storage and access to patients’ medical information. The EMR should also be able to send and receive care summaries during transitions of care.
ClinicalMDS Clinical applications also usually include support for Minimum Data Set assessments, the federally mandated clinical assessment of all residents in Medicare- or Medicaid-certified nursing homes.
ClinicaleMAR and eTAR Clinical applications also typically offer medication management in the form of electronic medication administration records and electronic treatment administration records .
Point of care These solutions can be used at the point of care, to document or access information from the bedside. Point-of-care solutions often help with speed and eliminate the need for double entry. They also allow quick, accurate access to residents health status information.
Patient scheduling Scheduling solutions allow staff to schedule medical appointments for patients . A scheduling application will facilitate not only the making and editing of appointments, but also quickly searching and finding scheduled appointments.
Billing Billing software helps LTC facilities automate repetitive or error-prone billing tasks. For medical biling related to the medical evaluation of patients, implementing a software system often results in improved coding and collections.

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Easily Fill Open Shifts

  • Quickly find and contact qualified nurses to fill open shifts.
  • Fill open shifts with just a few clicks of the mouse. Tell Snap Schedule software your criteria and it will show you a ranked list of available candidates to fill a shift. Ranking can be based on many criteria including job seniority, position, skills, availability, labor cost, and work hour limits.

What Is Scheduling Software Used For

Scheduling software is used to automate certain employee scheduling processes in senior care facilities and industries related to senior living facilities, healthcare, and pharmacies, among others. Such systems are the natural evolution of paper based scheduling processes. Common features include work schedule management, employee communication, time tracking, reporting capabilities, and notifications via mobile device.

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Senior Living Cmms Features

  • Complete work orders quickly and efficiently
  • Let your whole team know what needs to be done and when with task management
  • Schedule preventative maintenance and inspection tasks in advance
  • Track your assets lifecycles to develop accurate capital planning reports
  • Simplify tracking and project status with dashboard reporting
  • Use the mobile app to stay on top of work orders, asset tracking, and manage tasks
  • Store documents in our Space Center for fast retrieval and team sharing
  • Shop our vendor store for great rates
  • Perform Smart tracking with our wireless temperature sensors
  • Use Amazon Alexa as your personal CMMS assistant with flawless integration

Why Does Your Practice Need Emr Software

ECP Assisted Living Software – Making Care Givers Lives Easier

Since the introduction of Meaningful Use, most healthcare practices simply have little or no choice but to convert their practice operations to an EHR system. However, most providers today select the EHR vendor of their choice that best suits their specific needs and must perform an extensive search to evaluate all available options before they find one that is suitable. Most potential EMR Software buyers in the market today have the following in common:

  • Do not know what they are looking for
  • Know exactly what they want but dont know where to start or find it
  • Relying on advice from colleagues using EMR software already
  • Although #3 is ideal, every provider and practice workflows are unique, and therefore what works for one provider may not suit the other. One size fits all simply doesnt apply in the world of healthcare IT. Software experts and industry specialists are an ideal source of information, advice, and ultimately ensuring that the right decision is made.

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