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When To Move From Independent To Assisted Living

Assisted Living At Ventana

Assisted living residents forced to move

At Ventana, Members from across Texas receive exceptional care and live an engaged, socially active lifestyle. This Life Care CCRC prides itself on its health servicesand Ventanas Assisted Living at the Arbors is one of the pillars of the communitys healthcare delivery.At the Arbors, licensed nurses and experienced caregivers provide the assistance Members need, with individualized assistance and daily activities on a 24-hour basis. To learn more about the Arbors and premiere senior living in Dallas/Fort Worth, call Ventana at 214-953-7583.

Key Factors To Help You Choose The Right Assisted Living Community

1. Where is the community located?

Many seniors want to live close to their families and friends, so its convenient for them to visit. Beyond that, great assisted living communities are part of thriving local areas, so there are plenty of options nearby for cuisine, excursions and socializing seniors in assisted living may need some help, but many are still able and eager to engage with their surrounding communities.Additionally, the state laws regarding assisted living health care delivery may differ depending on the communitys location, so its worth understanding what assisted living care looks like in your state.

2. How big is the assisted living community, and how large is the staff?

3. What services does the community offer?

What would your ideal assisted living community look like? What services would it offer?During your search for the right community, you should consider the dining options, housekeeping and home maintenance services, wellness programs and local transportation. The right communities offer peace of mind, stability and comfortoverall, an enhanced quality of life. Again, CCRCs have an advantage in this area, because CCRCs are specifically designed to deliver the kinds of care, amenities and services which truly make a difference.

4. How does the community help seniors as their health needs change?

5. What does the assisted living arrangement cost, and what payment options are available?

6. What is life like for seniors within the community?

How Do You Talk To A Parent Or Another Aging Loved One About Moving To Memory Care

This can be one of the hardest conversations to have. The loss of memory and reasoning makes it very difficult for your loved one to understand why they need to move. They might get very agitated and angry by the suggestion.

The best approach is to stay calm and explain in simple terms why this change needs to happen. Be careful not to use derogatory or condescending language. Explain clearly to your loved one that they need more care, and this is the best option to get that care.

Visiting memory care with your loved one can help. It might take several visits, but connecting with staff and becoming more familiar with the environment might make the transition easier.

Once the move is made, give your loved one plenty of time to adjust. Things might be rocky at first, but hang in there and let the situation settle in its own time.

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Do They Need More Opportunities For Socialization

Alongside these positive relationships with staff, seniors in assisted living also find connections with other residents. These friendships can help prevent senior isolation, as well as increase a seniors likelihood of participating in enriching activities.

If your senior loved one often seems bored at home, assisted living encourages residents to get involved with activities like fitness classes, happy hours, game nights, and more.

Ask About Medical Services

How Is Independent Living Different from Assisted Living ...

Be sure to find out if the assisted living facilities offer any medical services. Do they hire nurses to help out with the coordination or oversight? Do they invite various specialists to come in and provide their services? Can an aging individual work with a home health agency? What happens when the needs of the elderly change?

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What Is The Difference Between Assisted Living And Memory Care Facilities

Its not uncommon for people to think of all senior living facilities as the same. Although they all have similarities, every lifestyle option is different, especially in assisted living and memory care facilities.

Assisted living communities can provide care to residents with Alzheimers, early stages of dementia, and other memory problems as long as the resident does not need treatment for serious medical conditions or intense, round-the-clock support.

Benefits Of Moving To Assisted Living

Making the decision to move an elder is difficult, but it may help keep your elderly loved one healthier, safer and perhaps even happier. Assisted living transitions are usually smoother when they happen sooner rather than later, but many families wait too long before exploring senior living options for their loved ones.

After an initial adjustment period, many seniors find that they truly appreciate the higher level of support as well as the added opportunities for socialization, dining and activities. Furthermore, it means that there is a plan of care in place, which eases the pressure on family members to provide regular hands-on assistance.

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Better Than Assisted Living Its Provision Living

Finding the right home as you or your loved one enters the next chapter of life can be overwhelming. Whether you need someone to answer questions about the transition process or youre interested in learning more about our communities at Provision Living, were here to help you every step of the way. We encourage you to reach out to one of our care consultants today.

Are There Differences In Social Activities

Family First: Moving to assisted living

Some of the perks of moving to a senior living community, whether assisted or independent living, are the activities and the opportunities to make friends. From craft projects and happy hours to outings at local attractions, both types of senior living offer ample opportunities to have fun and engage with others. A healthy social life is a key component to overall health and well-being, so senior living communities put a strong emphasis on creating opportunities to bring residents together.

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Strategies To Smooth The Transition

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    Visit the Community Before the Move

    Visit the assisted living community as often as possible before moving day to help your relative get to know some residents and staff.

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    Eat Meals With the Person You’re Assisting

    Eat meals with your parent at the assisted living community before and after the move.

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    Throw a Party on Arrival

    Throw a house-warming party and decorate your parent’s new space with cherished keepsakes, books, family photos, and perhaps some new items like throw pillows, a comforter or window treatments.

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    Accentuate the Positive

    Accentuate the positives of your parent’s new home like big common areas, regular activities and outings, and help with chores and daily living tasks.

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    Encourage Involvement in Activities

    Get your parent involved in activities like bingo and movie night soon after move-in. Ask the facility’s management to introduce your loved one to other residents.

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    Indulge Interests if Possible

    Talk to the staff about letting your parent indulge her interests, like letting her spend time in the kitchen if she loves cooking or planting flowers and vegetables if gardening’s a hobby.

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    Use Modern Communications Technology

    Ask staffers to arrange Skype, Facetime or Snapchat sessions for your parent to help them stay in touch with family and friends.

Should I Consider Moving To Independent Living Before I Need Assisted Living

Many seniors feel there is no real reason to move into a senior living community unless they need the services and support of assisted living. Their thinking is that as long as they are healthy and mobile, they should continue to live in their own home. They may feel a move to a senior living community is essentially the same as surrendering.

There are thousands upon thousands of seniors in independent living communities who will happily dispel that line of thinking. Aside from health considerations, there are definitely some solid reasons to relocate before you actually need assisted living.

1. You lose the constant, nagging worries and the expense of home maintenance.Take a look around your home. Is everything in good repair, or are there small signs of neglect and deterioration? If you see those signs, that may mean you no longer have the desire or the energy to keep your home in tip-top shape. Perhaps its time to move, before your home investment begins to lose value. And a big plushousekeeping is also included or available in independent living communities.

3. Cooking becomes optional.Are you tired of cooking? Residents of senior living communities often say that the food is the best part. If youve become bored with cooking and cleaning up afterwards, and understand that a steady diet of take-out is probably not meeting your nutritional needs, you will love that delicious meals are included or available in independent living communities.

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Does Your Loved One Require Help With Activities Of Daily Living

Activities of daily living , such as bathing, dressing, and mobility, present frequent concerns for seniors. Nearly 9% of adults 75 to 84 need personal care assistance, according to a 2017 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . This figure grows to 21% for seniors 85 and older.

Medication management stands out as one of the most common concerns for seniors and caregivers. In a 2020 A Place for Mom survey of more than 1,000 caregivers, 60% were considering a move to assisted living for their senior loved one due to issues with medication management. Errors in medication management can pose real danger for seniors: The CDC estimates 350,000 people are hospitalized each year due to medication mismanagement.

Assisted living communities provide help with medication management, bathing, and other daily tasks, which benefits both seniors and their caregivers. For Linda Lagesse, 78, who served as her husbands sole caregiver for nearly four years, ADLs motivated her to contact A Place for Moms Senior Living Advisors to find assisted living for her husband.

I bathed him. I dressed him. I tried to help him get exercise, Lagesse recalls. I was exhausted. It just got to be a lot.

Boosting Your Social Life

Fighting Dementia While Improving Care Across The Country ...

Senior living communities offer older adults a thriving social life during their retirement years. All too often, seniors choosing to age in place at home suffer from isolation as their social life dwindles. This kind of isolation can contribute to depression and other negative effects on your mental health. In independent living, surrounded by like-minded people who share your interests and passion to accomplish more during this stage of life, youll discover countless opportunities to socialize. Many communities even provide structured social programming on a weekly basis. Happy Hours, hobbyist groups, live entertainment and holiday parties are common. Companionship is an important factor in successful aging, and the sooner you move to independent living, the more opportunities youll have to enjoy every minute of it.

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Find Out The Assisted Living Costs

Before concluding your visit, to the potential assisted living facilities, it is mandatory that you find out how much it costs to reside there. Find out the payment schedules and whether they work with an all-inclusive model or an a la carte option. It will help you to make financial plans to know how to cover expenses.

Find out whether the facilities demand any deposits or reservation fees and whether they refund them if you choose to leave the facility. You should also know about the policies of increasing their rent. With these details, you can even tell if you need to search for financial aid to afford to live in the residences.

Live Independently At Jeffersons Ferry

Here at Jeffersons Ferry, we encourage every resident to live life on their own terms. These are, after all, your golden years. We believe you should have the freedom and independence to make the most of retirement and do it for as long as possible. Visit us and youll see for yourself how this is truly independent living. To learn more about our community, or to schedule your personal visit, contact us through our website or call us at .

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What Is It Like Moving To Assisted Living

Falling between independent living and full-time nursing care, assisted living offers a stress-free lifestyle where extra help with activities of daily living is always near so residents can maintain much of their independence. Still not sure if its time to start the conversation? Its not one to rush into or have lightly.

Here are five signs to look out for when spending time with your loved one that it might be time to sit down and talk about when to move to assisted living.

1) Isolation and loneliness

Socialization is important to aging well. Unfortunately, older adults often find their social circles shrink with age. Friends move away to be closer to their children, and relationships you develop during your working life drift apart. Some seniors experience health issues that make them reluctant to drive.

Moving to an assisted living community can improve a seniors quality of life. Life enrichment and wellness activities abound, as well as opportunities to meet people with similar interests and experiences.

2) Accidents and falls

Falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults. They are often caused by an older home that isnt designed with senior safety in mind.

Car accidents can also put a senior at increased risk for serious injury. For seniors who live alone, however, driving is often a necessity.

3) Home maintenance struggles
4) Difficulty leaving home
5) Poor nutrition

Is It Time To Move From Independent To Assisted Living

Dementia patients forced to move after assisted living facilities abruptly shut down in Humble
  • TerraBella Lake Norman
  • Is It Time To Move
  • For most people, the ability to live independently without relying on others is something that can bring fulfillment. If you are doing well in terms of your health and physical abilities, you might find that an independent living community allows you to thrive. Independent living affords residents large amounts of freedom to do what they please and pursue what they like without having to worry about house chores. However, when is it a good time to move from independent to assisted living? No one likes to accept the fact that they are growing old or deteriorating in health. This article will give some insights into the signs that it might be time to consider an assisted living community.

    Struggle with Daily Activities

    One of the key signs that individuals should move to assisted living communities is when they find it difficult to accomplish simple daily activities. Living alone means that individuals must be well enough to cook their own food, clean and maintain hygiene, as well as consume the right medications. If an individual cannot complete these tasks with ease, then it might be a telling sign that assisted living would be much more suited for his or her condition.

    Signs of Loneliness

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    Assisted Living For Couples

    Are both of your elderly parents living and one of your elderly parents needs more assistance than the other? Moving elderly parents to assisted living can be a challenge due to a misconception that elderly couples will be forced to live apart. In fact, many assisted living facilities offer an independent living option. This means your elderly parents can live together in the same apartment, with one spouse receiving care and the other living independently. One of the benefits of assisted living is that it can adjust to an elderly couples needs and provide a more supportive level of care over time when it is needed.

    Helping Loved Ones Adjust To The Move

    The move into an assisted living community can be stressful and even frightening. Many older adults fear that they’ll be forgotten and alone. Adult children can play a critical role in helping relatives adjust successfully. First, understand and acknowledge that this is a life-changing move. Reassure your loved ones that they won’t be left alone.

    When the big day arrives, have family members help pack up mom and dad and move together. Make it a celebration, perhaps with a brunch before the move. Let them know that nearby loved ones will visit frequently and that those living farther away will stay in touch regularly. Make good on those promises.

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    When To Move To Assisted Living

    The fact is, you will inevitably need a bit of extra help as you age. Choosing the right time to acknowledge and ask for help could have a substantial impact on how well you age. In general, the sooner those who need daily assistance move into assisted living, the longer theyre able to keep the level of independence they currently enjoy.

    If you or your loved one has difficulty preparing meals, managing medication, dressing, bathing, or any other ADL, it may be time to consider a move to assisted living. Those who make the decision early not only keep their independence longer they also find that with the challenges that once burdened their daily lives removed, they have more time to enjoy the multitude of offerings in their assisted living community.

    You Lose The Constant Nagging Worries And The Expense Of Home Maintenance

    Why Moving to Independent Living Is Beneficial

    Take a look around your home. Is everything in good repair, or are there small signs of neglect and deterioration? If you see those signs, that may mean you no longer have the desire or the energy to keep your home in tip-top shape. Perhaps its time to move, before your home investment begins to lose value. And a big plus: housekeeping is also included or available in independent living communities.

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